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Post is less than 24 hours old  Ammerndorf by  Andrew H on  2019-04-19 04:47:01

I have been looking at places to visit on the last day of my trip. I have a night flight out of Nurnberg as usual,and Ammerndorf has struck me as a possibility. their website does not mention a Gasttate but Juergen has given it a thumbs up review on here so I presume they have one Any thoughts/ opinions?
Btw Fred when I click on the link to their website it directs to Faessla! strange.

Post is less than 24 hours old    Ammerndorf by  Mark Andersen on  2019-04-19 11:59:34

I visited Ammerndorf briefly with Juergen years ago and the gastatte across the street was not open.  So we bought some bottles from the brewery direct. 

However the breweries website does have a link to their Brauerei Gasthof which is across the street so it appears to be an option:


 Krug Geisfeld by  Mads Klinkby on  2019-04-15 22:52:14

Hi guys

Is Krug Geisfeld still closed?


   Krug Geisfeld by  Jason on  2019-04-15 23:00:10


     Krug Geisfeld by  Yor on  2019-04-16 03:05:28

Recently heard from the brewer at Metzgerbrau (who lives in Geisfeld) that Krug is looking to resume brewing soonish. Not sure where it would be sold, as they don't plan to run a pub by themselves anymore.

       Krug Geisfeld by  Jason on  2019-04-16 03:17:55

also heard this, but nothing has changed for now. 

       Krug Geisfeld by  rainer on  2019-04-16 23:41:59

Funny ... Who should be "the brewer at Metzgerbräu"? As far as I know, Manfred Reichert, of course, still lives in Uetzing, at his brewery ...

         Krug Geisfeld by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-17 00:28:28

Could be Franken Maigl ?

           Krug Geisfeld by  rainer on  2019-04-17 00:54:55

Yes you are right. Thank you!
You learn something every day ...

           Krug Geisfeld by  Yor on  2019-04-17 09:52:35

Yep, he's brewing at Metzgerbrau atm (at least part-time)

   Krug Geisfeld by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-04-17 04:39:07

They closed? Sad! When?

     Krug Geisfeld by  Jason on  2019-04-17 08:02:32

Late last year. At the time it was said he had cancer. Now he doesn’t but and wanted to sell if all for 600€k. Now he wants to rent the pub out and he’ll brew for them. Children don’t want anything to do with it. He’s done this before so he may well decide to open again, 


       Krug Geisfeld by  Jason on  2019-04-17 08:03:19

But this is just what I’ve heard. So could also be rumour. 

 Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Yor on  2019-04-12 01:52:39

Guten Morgen.
I've naively been planning a brief Franken trip next Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Not noticing it's the Easter weekend.

Will do some phone calls later, but is there a ~ general consenus if breweries/taverns will be open?

   Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Barry Taylor on  2019-04-12 02:11:41

In my experience, a lot of plsces have limited opening on Karfreitag, usually open for lunch/dinner (traditional day for families to eat out) and then close  in the evening.  Saturday usually seems to be ok but Sunday is fairly variable!

As you say, best to check by phone before travelling a long distance - also a lot of places have fairly good websites that proivde details of opening times, Urlaub, etc.

It affects me as well because I arrive in Franken on Easter Sunday!

Good luck!

     Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-14 06:43:10

I've had the opposite experience. Done a few full day brewery crawls on Karfreitag. All busy and open.

       Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Andrew H on  2019-04-14 06:58:37

The battle of Schwarze hut beginnt!

       Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Yor on  2019-04-14 06:59:33

I've called a few breweries and it seems you're right. All bracing for busy & entertaining days.

         Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Jason  on  2019-04-15 01:30:26

Spezial and hoelzlein are 2 that are shut on Karfreitag for example. So as always just call ahead. 

         Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-15 03:25:35

Where will you be heading friday?

           Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Yor on  2019-04-15 09:49:43

Looking to spead some of these over Friday/Saturday and maybe Sunday morning.
Zehendner, Knoblach, Schroll, Griess, Roppelt (Trossenfurt), Gradl, Heckel, Meister, Lieberth, Roppelt, Schlenkerla, Spezial

So far only Spezial seems to be closed (Friday).

             Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-15 10:22:39

Cool, we might run in to eachother. I'm doing these this easter.

Roppelt Stiebarlimbach
Fisher Greuth
Friedel Zentbechhofen
Müller Debring

Schwanen Bräu Ebermannstadt

Drei Kronen Memmelsdorf
Göller Drosendorf
Drei Kronen Scheßlitz
Grasser (Huppendorf)

               Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Yor on  2019-04-15 11:07:48

Wow, ambitious list!
Good reminder to visit Penning & Hennemann, have not managed it yet. I should have some clearer plans in a few days and could meet for a beer! How do you travel?

                 Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-15 11:22:34

By bike.

               Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Jason on  2019-04-16 03:29:42

Worth remembering that cycling under the influence is treated the same as driving here. And I presume you’re very fit as Franconia isn’t flat and that’s a big itinerary, in fact I think it’s ridiculous (not being rude, just realistic). Personally I would spend more time in less places, but that’s just my feeling. I did brewery ticking in my time but I wouldn’t recommend it, one misses the nuances and wider beer culture that is so beloved here. 

Note that Fischer doesn’t brew anymore, the beers are brewed elsewhere. No idea if there remains a tap.  Meister brewery tap is closed. Hartmann has stopped brewing themselves. 

                 Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-16 04:31:32

Thanks for the advice Jason. I have visited the places several of times before and done them all by bike. I have done this sort of thing for the past ten years, so I know all about what I'm doing. Cheers :-)

                 Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-16 04:41:18

Fischer had I tap when I visited in 2017. But they stopped brewing themselves? Didn't know Hartmann had stopped either? Hartmann Würgau? I've read that Meister has a frigde in the yard for walkers and cyclists like me.

                   Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Jason on  2019-04-16 06:48:45

Yes to all. Never had a beer from the fridge at Meister but I’ve heard they have a fridge. 

Or Zapfhahn in Bamberg have it from the bottle. 

                 Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Mosquit on  2019-04-16 05:15:37

Isn't cycling alcohol tolerance limit higher? I was under assumption that it is 1,6 promile, which I would say is A LOT, so you wouldn't be cycling anyway.;art168683,3181786

I am also sometimes making long-distance trips in Franken (usually 100 km and more daily), while I get like 10 stops in breweries during the day, sometimes having a seidla, sometimes sharing one with my wife... and at the end of the day, I feel fresh (like with 0,0)

                   Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-16 05:35:38

Which is exactly my experience. I'd rather go for a ride on the bike to burn some of it off, rather than stay put and build up the alcohol level.

Another reason is the beautiful landscape and riding through Franconia in good weather is such a nice experience and a big part of why I revisit so often.

                     Karfreitag - tendency: opening times? by  Jason on  2019-04-16 06:46:58

And it’s why I love living here :) 

Whatever you enjoy, just stay safe. 

 Weber Röbersdorf by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-09 11:22:25

Any news on the situation @ Weber? Have they taken up brewing again?

   Weber Röbersdorf by  Jason on  2019-04-10 01:03:33

As far as I know, no. But I’ve heard different stories from different people. But I generally go with franks’, and if I recall correctly, they haven’t resumed. Although that may have changed. 

Not particularly helpful but if I remember I’ll ask frank on Friday. 

     Weber Röbersdorf by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-10 01:56:45

Thanks, greatly appreaciated.

 New Melkendorf brewery at Bierkulturfest in Memmelsdorf by  Mark Andersen on  2019-04-09 08:42:28

I just happened to notice today while looking at the event page on FB that the new brewery in Melkendorf will have a stand at the event.

I've been wanting to try their beer so good news.  

   New Melkendorf brewery at Bierkulturfest in Memmelsdorf by  Barry on  2019-04-09 11:44:50

Not more beer!

 Merkendorf by  Barry Taylor on  2019-04-08 08:47:55

Here's a thing - Mark just emailed me to suggest that we might go to Hummel on Thursday, May 2, as he wanted to try the Maibock (I presume that it'll still be there on May 2).  So, I had a look at their website to find a litte message:

Gaststätte Dillig

Am Karfreitag, den 19.04.2019 öffnet die Gaststätte Dillig in Laubend um 16 Uhr zum letzten Mal in der Saison ihre Türen. 

I've never heard of this place (Laubend is the terminus of the 907/917)?
Wir freuen uns auf euch 


   Merkendorf by  TomM on  2019-04-08 09:02:57

Seems to at Zückshuter Str. 16, Laubend. Laubend being a village just to the west of Merkendorf.

If you search for "laubend" on Google Maps you should find it. Seems more like a village hall according to the few photos people have posted.

     Merkendorf by  Jason  on  2019-04-08 10:18:08

its a ‘pub’that doesn’t open that often. I’m not sure if the Hummel family run it or not as the brewery is closed that day. 

       Merkendorf by  TomM on  2019-04-08 16:14:17

According to the website, there was a Brauerei Dillig in Laubend which closed in 1967.

         Merkendorf by  Mosquit on  2019-04-09 03:57:55

Hummel delivers the beer to Laubend. If I recall correctly, the pub there is open only in winter. I think that there was some connection to Julius Hummel's (owner & brewery master) brother, who runs Laubend pub in winter, and Hummel's Keller in summer (Keller - not any more, I think that it has been closed like 2 years ago)

         Merkendorf by  Barry Taylor on  2019-04-09 04:05:37

That's a great website - absolutely intriguing., I could spend hours looking through it!  Just a couple of quick looks confirm that there was another brewery in Drosendorf (walked past it loads of times, not sure whether it's still there) and that the Gasthof Neuner in Ebensfeld, next to my Fewo, closed for a few years and now for sale, about €500,000, if I remember, was once the:

Brewery Neuner "Zum weißen Lamm" - 1735 to 1982

         Merkendorf by  TomM on  2019-04-09 05:27:05

The website is very good, but I would be careful with it as there seems to be some issues with the existing breweries section. For instance, Brauerei zum Eckela in Graefenberg and Goetschel-Braue in Bayreuth both seem to have closed decades ago. Under Bamberg it lists Robesbierre which I don't think has brewed in years, but leaves out the brewpub Kronprinz which has been around since 2016.

           Merkendorf by  Barry Taylor on  2019-04-09 07:18:42

Robesbierre si basically a private home brewery, albeit an extremely professional one, operated by a teacher of brewing.for his own consumption.  Last time that I spoke to him, he was still brewing but it was a year ago.

I assume that Kronprinz is the Kaiserdom offshoot?  Anyone been there?

             Merkendorf by  Jason on  2019-04-09 11:05:33

Yes, when it opened. Not been since. Don’t bother Barry, the beer may be ok or even excellent, but it’s craft stuff. Prices to match. 

             Merkendorf by  Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-10 03:41:37

I've been to Kronprinz. Food was good, but half of the US inspired beers had old hops or were oxidized.

           Merkendorf by  Jason on  2019-04-09 11:04:04

Robert still brews at robesbierre but as Barry says he’s a home brewer. His beer is excellent but unless you’re on the inside you’re struggling ;) 

Kronprinz isnt in bamberg, it’s in Gaustadt. Small detail, but it’s not bamberg. 

             Merkendorf by  FredW on  2019-04-09 11:09:46

Well, technically since the early 1990's Gaustadt has been part of Bamberg. You might as well say Franconia is not part of Bavaria smiley

If you want to exclude Kaiserdom from Bamberg breweries I guess I won't argue too much.

Kronprinz is fine, you just have to forget you are in Bamberg and pretend you're in Munich or Berlin -- or LA. I guess it does have the best Bamberg brewed IPA, if you want to go there...

               Merkendorf by  Barry on  2019-04-09 11:47:53

Probably not, it's harder for me find no IPA at the moment. If that makes sense?

             Merkendorf by  TomM on  2019-04-09 17:12:19

"Kronprinz isnt in bamberg, it’s in Gaustadt. Small detail, but it’s not bamberg."

Didn't Wunderberg used to be a village outside of Bamberg? Times change.

               Merkendorf by  Jason on  2019-04-10 01:01:20

True. On both statements. 

Still, you ask a local and they’ll differentiate between Bamberg and Gaustadt laugh

               Merkendorf by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2019-04-11 00:58:10

1972 the village Gaustadt was incorporated into the city Bamberg. 91% of the inhabitants disliked this area reform.
It was a political decision in the interest of the ruling party CSU. The CSU wanted to destroy the majority of the SPD in Gaustadt, a village with many blue collar workers and a majority of the SPD and a "red" major.
Other villages in the surrounding of Bamberg were spared (Bischberg, Memmelsdorf, Pettstadt and the city Hallstdt and so), because they had majors from the CSU.

As a result the brewery Kaiserdom won their location Bamberg.
Now a big part of the University of Bamberg is loated in Gaustadt (ERBA island).


                 Merkendorf by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-04-14 01:44:59

    Very interesting history, Gerhard, thanks! I'm not sure I understand what a "major" is though...could you explain that? Majority?

                   Merkendorf by  Barry on  2019-04-14 04:00:06

I think that Gerhard means 'mayor', Nick.

                   Merkendorf by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2019-04-14 04:44:57

Sorry. My mistake:  mayor

                     Merkendorf by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-04-14 13:40:29

    I wasn't sure, because of your mentioning more than one of them in one case, but mayor made sense in the other. No apology necessary!

 OT: DB/Arriva by  Barry Taylor on  2019-04-04 07:12:24

    Of interest to regular users of DB is the news that they are trying to flog off their Arriva subsidy (see, to try to alleviate debts of €20 billion.  Not sure why anyone should want to buy Arriva having suffered their appaling performance in Wales and in the north of England (owners of Northern Rail). 

Mind you, things haven't got a lot better since the part publicly -owned Transport for Wales took over last autumn.  We've still got the old rolling stock in Arriva colours, though they do seem to have increased the carriage numbers on some busier trains. 

I suppose that, given DB's debts, cuts and fare increases are likely in the offing.  

 AST Forcheim cost opinions please. by  Andrew H on  2019-04-03 06:39:53

According to the VGN website it is possible (on a sunday) to use bus 223 ( which is AST) to visit Weissenohe, Leutenbach and Dietzhof. from Forcheim Bahnhof and return.
I have looked at the pdf flyer for the Forcheim AST and it seems to be a fare of 6+6? for each leg, not sure what that means. Any thoughts on whether a Tagesticket plus would cover these trips?  any input gratefully received.

   AST Forcheim cost opinions please. by  rainer on  2019-04-04 01:42:47

No the TagesTicket plus is not enough. For the journey with the AST you pay the regular VGN tariff according to the valid VGN tariff zone plan plus an AST surcharge. This surcharge amounts again the double VGN tariff. So you have to pay a total of three times the price of the actual price for the tour from A to B. If a TagesTicket plus already exists, the AST costs per track twice the fare of the desired route from A to B.
I hope that is reasonably understandable ...
In the meantime, the AST in the district of Forchheim is by far the most expensive Anrufsammeltaxi (AST) in the entire VGN.

     AST Forcheim cost opinions please. by  Andrew H on  2019-04-04 04:58:35

Thanks rainer,
I get the idea of it now and you are right it is expensive. I have used the one in Bamberg and the ticket I already had covered the cost, just had to sign a form for the taxi driver.
I will cost the whole trip out and make up my mind as to whether its worth it.

       AST Forcheim cost opinions please. by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-04-04 06:06:12

Uncle Jimbo and I shared normal taxis a couple of times from Stiebarlimbach to Hirschaid. I forget...20 EUR? That was for a van though, with my bike, IIRC. And quite a few years ago. But...flexibility is the advantage of just a normal taxi, for those of us who don't plan out the details so well.

         AST Forcheim cost opinions please. by  Andrew H on  2019-04-04 08:05:50

Yea,I have used taxis a few times.weisen to stublang,can't recall how much but not hideous. If I can persuade others to share taxis are a good option.

           AST Forcheim cost opinions please. by  Barry Taylor on  2019-04-04 09:29:56

I've been to the front door of Dietzhof but it was Urlaub - even Juergen's silver tongue could persuade the woman to let us in.  Leutenbach also the same night.  Nice but not sensational.  The first time that Juergen had Helles there, I seem to recall.

Yes, worth considering.  When are you actually in town Andy? 

             AST Forcheim cost opinions please. by  Andrew H on  2019-04-04 11:34:34

Thursday 2/5 till wed 8/5 Barry.Dietzhof seems interesting judging by their website they seem to have strong view's on tradition etc. Hopefully see you on mark and Dorothy's road trip.

               AST Forcheim cost opinions please. by  Mark Andersen on  2019-04-04 12:17:23

I viisited Dietzhof with Juergen years ago (2008 I think) and it is a reallly nice, traditional pub and I really liked the dark beer.  Would have been happy to spend a lot more time there.

 Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery by  Barm on  2019-04-01 08:26:32

Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery:;art215,4137726

Summary for those who des Deutschen nicht mächtig sind:

Junior boss of the Entlas-Keller in Erlangen, Vincenz Schiller, is a trained brewer and wanted to open a small-scale nano brewery but the council refused permission on the grounds that the Keller is protected as a historical structure and Schiller only has the right to use it as a beer storage, not as a brewery.

The Entlas-Keller sold Kitzmann beer until the brewery closed. In future it is serving Mahrs U, Hoffman lager and Gutmann weizen. Kulmbacher will be supplying "Kitzmann Festbier" for the Kerwa.

Schiller is going ahead with installing conditioning tanks, which will be used to lager Mahrs beer, and hopes that once the council sees that this does not damage the historical structure they will let him have a brewery too.

   Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery by  Jason on  2019-04-01 10:11:04

Maybe they’ll improve the U!!! Still, not sure even that would lure me to Erlangen. Kulmbacher Bier certainly won’t. 

     Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery by  Andrew H on  2019-04-03 06:26:21

I have never visited the town,only the bahnhof. not sure why? Just never have.

 fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Andrew H on  2019-03-27 03:35:31

I have just come across something that you all might find interesting and comment provoking.
its probably easyest to have a look at the site yourselves. I for one had no idea this place even existed.

   fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Jason  on  2019-03-27 04:04:58

I've known about this place for a while and visited a few times but I can see why non residents wouldn't know. I'm not really a fan, kind of a poor home brewers club with hop/additive experimentation of 1 beer creating various 'varieties'. The garden itself is lovely and last year they had a 'craft beer fest' where they did at least have beer from proper brewers. They had Monchsambach and a couple of other very good local breweries present so I would recommend a visit during this festival.

On other occasions... meh.  

     fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Andrew H on  2019-03-28 05:51:36

I guessed that was the idea regarding the beers,I wonder if Fassla or whoevers beer they are using as a base have any thoughts about it?
I will walk in and have snout about if I am in the bahnhof area, I take it you also know about the zweiblefest in early september Jason? That looks like it could be worth a look, lots of onions and beer. what could go wrong!!

       fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  FredW on  2019-03-28 09:11:18

When I was at one of their "fests" last year the base beers were from Keesmann.

         fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Andrew H on  2019-03-28 10:41:56

Yea, that makes sense Fred. It would have to be a relatively "bland" pils type beer to make the whole thing work.

     fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  AndyH on  2019-03-28 09:02:46

I was thinking of taking my group here in October, but sounds like it might not be worth bothering.

       fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Andrew H on  2019-03-28 09:08:31

Well, I personally trust Jason's judgement on such matters.But you could perhaps recky the place before committing to a group visit.

         fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Jason on  2019-03-28 12:54:16

whilst I’m always happy to give my opinion I would rather people tried things out themselves, I don’t want to assume we have the same thoughts. 

Oh and the zwiebeltreterfest is only in name; Bambergers are known as zwiebeltreters, especially in the garden quarter where this fest is held. Lots of onions grown in bamberg. 

Of course Andrew you could bring your own onions, there will be beer ;) 

         fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Andrew H on  2019-03-29 00:35:23

Understood, merely stating that I was happy to trust your opinion on this subject. It is of course for others to decide whose judgement or opinions to trust. The website appears to suggest that onions in various forms will be evident.

           fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-29 04:31:39

Andy, I choose to trust your opinion when it comes to tongue and groove.  I know not relevant to beer but just saying ....

             fruhlingsbierfest/another brewery? by  Andrew H on  2019-03-29 09:22:30

In Franken Mark all things re Brauerei gastatte are tongue and groove related as I am sure you understand.

 Bierkulturfest by  Andrew H on  2019-03-25 04:52:38

I note that the memmelsdorf bierfest is on 3/5 until 5/5, has anyone been to this?
I have watched a couple of video clips and it doesnt seem too packed.any comments/ opinions chaps?

   Bierkulturfest by  AndyH on  2019-03-25 07:12:16

Never been to that one.

Good time of yeat though, so worth thinking about for another year.

   Bierkulturfest by  Barry Taylor on  2019-03-25 07:33:45

Yep.  Memorable for several reasons, mainly that it came after walking with our Dudley colleagues from Hoenig and before ending up in Catweazle's Castle.  Over imbibed and saved by my Cape Cod friends!

Otherwise, it was very good, not too crowded and loads (too much) of good beer.  We'll be there this year but without the preliminaries.  Have I got all that correct, Mark?

     Bierkulturfest by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-25 07:42:44

Yup you got it right Barry.  It's a nice festival and one of the reasons Dorothy and I are going to be in Bamberg that particular weekend.  So we're planning on going to that Saturday the 4th.  You definitely should join us Andy.

       Bierkulturfest by  Barry Taylor on  2019-03-25 11:14:52

Yes, Andy, you should join us, maybe provide a sobering influence - or maybe not.

         Bierkulturfest by  Andrew H on  2019-03-25 11:56:51

Moi! A sobering influence. You are more likely to find tongue and groove in Michael gives front room!

           Bierkulturfest by  Andrew H on  2019-03-25 11:57:40


             Bierkulturfest by  AndyH on  2019-03-26 03:09:08

Aargh! He mentioned the G word.

 Hoffmann tour Mark by  Andrew H on  2019-03-22 13:09:55

Only just read your post below Mark. I will be in Franken. if juergen is not able to go I would be keen to join you if you would be willing?

   Hoffmann tour Mark by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-24 10:48:42

Absolutely!  See you then

     Hoffmann tour Mark by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-03-25 03:13:57

I'd like to join you, if it's possible for me. A lot of work on the railway on Saturdays, as you guys know.

       Hoffmann tour Mark by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-25 04:43:05

The plan is to do this on Friday, May 3rd.  Is that a holiday for you?

         Hoffmann tour Mark by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-03-25 05:19:56

Nope. 1st of May would be one. But I can get out of my office at about 1 p. m., I guess. Would be at Gräfenberg at about 2 p. m.

           Hoffmann tour Mark by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-25 06:04:28

That would work.  Now I’ve got to look into getting a bigger vehicle. As of now we’ve got 6 of us

             Hoffmann tour Mark by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-03-25 07:31:21

Ah, problem. I couldn't drive home then. Well, enjoy the walk.

               Hoffmann tour Mark by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-25 07:39:08

Juergen, I'm not sure what you're trying to say here?

I'll message you off to the side to coordinate.  It would be good to have you along.

                 Let's confirm who's going! by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-25 07:59:47

And just to recap.  The plan is we'll be renting a car for the day and Dorothy has volunteered to be the designated driver for us.  I've done some research today and found we can rent a 7 passenger van from Sixt for a few extra bucks over the 5 seater car.  So not a problem.  We'll manage.  The only issue Juergen is where we'd need to drop you off afterwards.  Forchheim bahnhof would work.

It looks like as of now we have:
Dorothy and myself
and hopefully Juergen 

along for the ride.  

If you all confirm for me asap then I'll get the van reserved.

                   Let's confirm who's going! by  Barry Taylor on  2019-03-25 11:16:37

Wow, what a crew.  Have you spoken to Isa?  She was talking about coming down but needed to discuss dates, etc., with you.


                     Let's confirm who's going! by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-25 11:18:25

Yeah I've talked to them about a month or so ago and they said they could not make it as they had other plans.

                       Let's confirm who's going! by  Andrew H on  2019-03-25 11:53:21

I confirm mark,and willing as always to chip in with the cost.

                         Let's confirm who's going! by  Barry on  2019-03-25 12:17:36

Second that!

                           Let's confirm who's going! by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-25 12:28:50

Thanks gents!  I'll let you know re: chipping in towards cost via email

                             Let's confirm who's going! by  Jason  on  2019-03-26 03:12:34

Should be fine, but I can't confirm 100% as I need to be flexible currently with other priorities. Appreciate the offer and I can confirm a few weeks before when I know more about whats what. 

We can keep in touch offline Mark. 

                               Let's confirm who's going! by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-26 08:02:29


 Melkendorf by  pivnizub on  2019-03-22 11:20:53

Does anybody know anything about the "new" brewery in Melkendorf, I.e. opening times e.t.c.? And: is this beer available in the former (ugly ;-)) brewery tap. Or: is the tap still open or permanently closed?

   Melkendorf by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2019-03-22 13:47:24

They use Facebook
"Brandholz Brauerei"

The building is in the ownership of the vilkage.
A group of homebrewers under the leadership of Christian Grasser, a brewemaster and brother of tthe owner of Grasser in Huppendorf, has repaired the brewery. They brew sometimes. They offer single days for drinking there and buying barrels ("Hausbräufassen").
The next date: tomorrow, Samstag 23.03 v. 13-16 Uhr
Bockbieranstich: 11 may

The brewpub is closed. The community has the idea to reopen the place. An architect develops a plan.

     Melkendorf by  TomM on  2019-03-23 03:22:10

They also have a website:

 Ot: visit to Oz by  Barry on  2019-03-19 20:56:07

Just coming to the end of my month visiting my rellys in Brisbane. Not sure how I'll get used to 10C in Colwyn Bay after 30c but I'm looking forward to some decent beer! As forseen, the beer here has been fizzy and very cold, and pretty expensive. Last pint that I bought (Cricketers Pale Ale) was equivalent to £6.86 and so-so, after it has warmed to tasting levels - enough to make a Franconian or even a citizen of Wales weak at the knees! I did find a good brewery in Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills with 3 handpumps but that was the only cask beer in a month. Still, life isn't just cask beer (???) and there are plenty of compensations in the climate and environment. Only 4 weeks and I'll be in Franken (then Prague). It's a good life if you don't weaken.

   Ot: visit to Oz by  AndyH on  2019-03-20 08:52:34

Oz still a beer dessert then? Rumours of better things in NZ. As long as you like your beer with too many hops in it, lol.

     Ot: visit to Oz by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-03-21 02:10:16

Dessert of desert? ;-)

       Ot: visit to Oz by  AndyH on  2019-03-25 07:08:08


 Franconia's Reputation in Aachen by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-17 02:28:49

So in the course of banter in various taverns in Aachen, I got a feel for what people know (or don't) about Franconia, its beer, and Bierkellerkultur. And that is, not much. 

Which I guess isn't that surprising. Does the average German from one part of the country go to another part of the country on holiday? I would suggest not so much, since Germans are supposedly the world champion international tourists, meaning, they leave their country on holiday more than people of any other country.

Why that would be...well, they get lots of paid days off (look it up), earn a lot (ditto), and have apparently always done this to some extent or other more than others. And they are simply fairly well-adjusted people (3 years of Kindergarten, manslaughter rate 1/6th of the US, independent of weapon type), genuinely interested in experiencing new places and cultures. 

Anyway, I've been doing my part, recommending Forchheim and the fraenkische Scwheiz to any and all who will listen, going on about how great the diversity of rustic sorts of beer is (hopefully not to the point of becoming the proverbial beer bore that can plague British pubs)  and of course that it runs for maybe EUR4 / the country anyway. (What WAS the price at Roppelt's last year, my first year away since 2005?)

And then there's the food. A massive slab of Schaeuferla (which some have heard of) for ridiculously cheap, same goes for Haxe. And Nuernberger Bratwuerstchen...there's a tavern on the Marktplatz that sells a half dozen with sides for nearly EUR15 in Aachen.

The story from a few years back, about how a certain employee of the fraenkische Schweiz tourist board had suggested that taverns might want to ask for a Euro or two more for the Schaeufe(r)la to help keep places in business, and the backlash among the common folk...anyway, Geiz ist geil. Thriftiness is tremendous.

But in general, people here just don't seem to think of the region at all, let alone as a holiday destination. At least the ones I've been running into, swilling their filthy Bitburger for EUR6 a litre or more.

More musings... 

   Franconia's Reputation in Aachen by  pivnizub on  2019-03-17 11:53:40

IMHO it is good, that people in the German badlands concerning beer, that means every region outside of Franconia, do  not  know what Roppelt or Witzgall means... Imagine a Bier-Disneyland in Franconia, overcrowded by thirsty and cheery Germans from all parts of the country - even from Saxonia - "enjoying" cheap beers and even cheaper "Hax'n"? Who really wants that? Better they drink their lousy Koelsch in - yes - Cologne and pay 1.80 € for a very small amount of "Bier". 

     Franconia's Reputation in Aachen by  Barm on  2019-03-17 16:42:02

Take a trip down the Rhine some day, visit the picturesque towns by the river, experience the streets lined with tourist tat and the enormous cafe terraces rivalling a Munich beer garden in size, all packed with daytrippers having coffee and cake (sonn- und feiertags nur Kännchen) … and be happy that so few are aware of the delights of Franken.

       Franconia's Reputation in Aachen by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-18 01:01:59

    Excellent points. Ah well, I don't think one lone voice in the wilderness (me) will make much of a difference. Nor are the notoriously stubborn (yes, I'm using that word, sue me...but I don't mean it in a negative way) Germans likely to change their ideas about where to go on holiday...IIRC Franz Roppelt does Spain every year. 

But then...I thought with the breweries dying out...don't we WANT them to get as much business as possible? Don't we WANT more Germans to come enjoy Franconia? Torn. I'm waffling here. 

I'd rather have the places crowded with Germans than Yanks and Britons, I guess.

A bit of "not in my backyard" maybe?

At any rate, it's fun explaining to Germans about one of the nicest bits of their lovely country which they'd never thought of before.

         Franconia's Reputation in Aachen by  Jason  on  2019-03-18 02:50:41

I would question the connection between breweries 'dying out' and custom. Sure, more money would make the situation better for some, but lack of profit is not the prime driver as far as I am aware. Lack of a successor, service personnel and some legal changes have caused more problems. 

Hard to quantify and just a personal gut feel, but if profit was a problem prices would have been increased much more than they have. 

           Franconia's Reputation in Aachen by  Mosquit on  2019-03-18 10:02:52

From what I have been talking to brewery owners, they were unhappy about change of the lifestyle (i.e. going less to pubs) which is certainly true. 

             Franconia's Reputation in Aachen by  Manfred Hofmann on  2019-04-01 08:34:28

Since the napoleonic"Flurbereinigung" (land consolidation) about 200 years ago, the largest part of Franconia is ruled by "Bavaria". While other large artificial federal states in Germany use "hyphen-names" to show, that there live different people with different culture in that states, the federal state "Bavaria" does not so. Bavarians do not want to be hosest an are proud of it. They call it "mia san hund" (we are dogs).
That is the reason, the "Bayerische Rundfunk" (bavarian broadcasting corporation under public law) with an annual budget of more than 1,000,000,000 Euro does not inform the rest of Germany about Franconia.
The term "Bayern" (Bavaria) has two meanings:

1. "Staatsbayern" (the name of the federals state) and
2. "Stammesbayern" (people and region with bavarian culture), the south of the Federalstate of Bavaria.

Most Germans do not know that!

               Franconia's Reputation in Aachen by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-04-08 01:50:51

Completely right! 

 Gänstaller  by  Jason  on  2019-03-11 11:13:54

Heard a rumour Andy’s brewery may be closing due to money issues. I’m speculating but I don’t know if I read correctly that de molen (a big investor) has been bought by the owners of Bavaria Brau. Not sure if this is connected. 

Maybe gerhard is the best source for this. 

   Gänstaller  by  Jason  on  2019-03-11 11:20:18

I just want to add that I would prefer this to be verified before it is spread around. Andy is a good guy and i wouldn’t want it to be public knowledge either erroneously or prematurely. 

     Gänstaller  by  TomM on  2019-03-11 12:50:41

De Molen is now owned 100% by Swinkels, maker of Bavaria Lager in the Netherlands. Didn't know about the de Molen financial interest in Gaenstaller.

       Gänstaller  by  Mike on  2019-03-12 02:19:19

According to de Molen, Bavaria (now called Swinkels Family Brewers) bought a 35 percent share of de Molen in 2016. They are now partners. According to the (Dutch statement by de Molen) the de Molen team will remain intact and will direct the company as it always has. Apparently the arrangement with Swinkels will be restricted to distribution and various other business activities.

I know de Molen and they do not make the kind of beer that Swinkels make, nor do they make the kind of beer sold in Bavaria. They call themselves "craft brewers." To me that means export beers to the US and possibly the UK.

There are a few "craft breweries" in Germany, but mostly in NRW, not in Bavaria, AFAIK. Even if Swinkels has some kind of arrangement with Gänstaller, I'd imagine it would have more to do with distribution than with actually making beer. This is the arrangement they have with de Molen.

When breweries get big, they look for a company to help with distribution, as the companies mostly only know local distributors. 

         Gänstaller  by  TomM on  2019-03-12 02:59:25

Yes, Swinkels bought a 35% stake in de Molen in 2016.

Last month they bought the rest of the shares and now own de Molen outright.

"By acquiring the rest of the shares of Brouwerij de Molen, Swinkels Family Brewers will have ownership over the brewery. "

I am not sure of what the Gaenstaller / de Molen link was other than they did a collaboration brew together and that Gaenstaller was one of the brewers at de Molen's Borefts Beer Festival. They are certainly friends with each other.

           Gänstaller  by  Mike on  2019-03-12 07:44:31

It seems to me that you are making a lot of assumptions based on very little evidence.

             Gänstaller  by  TomM on  2019-03-12 13:02:03

I would just like to say that I hope everything works out well for Andy Gänstaller as he is a terrific brewer and in my experience a very nice guy.

               Gänstaller  by  Jason  on  2019-03-12 14:55:44

de Molen are one of Andy’s distributors throughout Northern Europe. Andy told me this himself (I trust that’s enough to satisfy you Mike - another one of your usual aggressive comments completely unnecessarily to a fellow forum member-  can’t you just be civil, like everyone else?

Completely agree Tom, regardless of what happens, Andy is a very good guy and is always very generous with his time to a lot of people he’d never met. 

               Gänstaller  by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-17 01:56:02

    Yes. He's a sweetheart. Met him a few times, he always remembered who I was, despite the multitudes of fanboys he probably encounters. And she's great.

     Gänstaller  by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-17 02:00:53

If there's one thing I've learnt (well, I learn about but then keep not doing it...slow learner, I guess...) having been on the beery internet since 1992 (anyone remember r.f.d.b and a.b?), don't expect something like this to remain secret when you post it on a place where beer writers are known to lurk. 

AFA the number of "craft breweries" in Germany and where they are located (NRW vs. Bavaria) mentioned below, well, welcome to 2015. Change is inevitable. Even in places resistant to change like...Franconia and Bavaria. NRW is much more international than Bavaria, just look at Dusseldorf and Cologne. 

De Molen...meh. Went there once, during the week. Not a fan of Beneluxian brewers emulating Yankee ones, but that's just me. Then again, I drink so little these days...

 Brauerei Heller tour by  Richard on  2019-03-08 00:28:00

The tourist office in Bamberg do a weekly "historic beer tour", which includes a visit to the Schlenkerla brewery, conducted in German. Unfortunately I don't speak German, but would be very interested in getting a look inside the brewery. I've visited many breweries and have a good general understanding of the beer making process.

Has anyone here done this tour? Would you recommend it to a non-German speaker?


   Brauerei Heller tour by  Barm on  2019-03-08 02:54:10

Haven’t been, had no idea tours were available. Is this new?

I am a bit surprised they don’t offer an occasional tour in English already. Might be a part-time job in it for a student or apprentice brewer. 

     Brauerei Heller tour by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-08 08:06:22

I've been on one a few years ago, it was great. It was with a group of beer writers like Lew Bryson, Steve Beaumont, led by Horst Dornbusch. 

One writer got claustrophobic down in the germination chamber. We had Zwicklbier from the Zwicklhahn. Talked to Herrn Turm.

       Brauerei Heller tour by  Richard on  2019-03-13 02:24:40

That sounds great. Not sure what to expect from this one, but I've booked myself on to it and can report back.

         Brauerei Heller tour...Journalists Version by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-17 01:41:34

I lucked into the beer journalists version. Not sure if it was any different to what the "common folk" get, aside from more banter back-n-forth about beer. It was an interesting group though, come to think of it. Canadians (from both ends of that magnificent country), Americans, maybe a Briton or two, and then Horst. 

It was kind of funny, as I was invited along not by host Horst, but Lew Bryson. The coach (bus) tour had been through Buttenheim that day, and when I heard that, I said loudly, "I hope that St. Georgen Braeu didn't claim to invent Kellerbier."

Horst said (in his excellent diplomatic English, mind!), "That was in not implied in any way." A gal from Montreal piped up, "Well, that's the impression the impression I got!" Anyway...I guess you had to be there.

Lew raved about it later, thanking me for coming along and ruffling Horst's feathers (or something like that -- shall we say,  more colourfully) in his rustic Pennsylvanian way. I'd also never met Steve Beaumont, and was a sort of fan of his from my Oregon years. He's utterly nice. Actually, most beer writers are nice. 

Ended up having a discussion with Herrn Thurm about his childhood, addressing his grandparents formally. He's around my age, I think, 50-something. Or...? He speaks a lovely Hochdeutsch.

I miss the Nebraskans...have they ever gotten a tour of Heller? Have to ask on their farcebook thingy.

Enjoy yourself, it's fascinating in any case. I'd do it again, and pay for it.

 New Bamberg Brewery by  Jason  on  2019-02-28 15:36:19

After a lot of rumour (to the point where I became sceptical if it was true), there will be a new Bamberg brewery (perhaps) in the autumn of 2019. Something is being built now. 

Zum Sternla, apparently the oldest pub in Bamberg, is installing a small brewery on the premises. I hope it's better than Ambrausianum. I can't understand how that place is still brewing. What a great location, they could even make something of it and brew other interesting styles. The location is a goldmine. 

   New Bamberg Brewery by  AndyH on  2019-03-01 01:10:31

I hope it's good, Sternla is, perhaps, my favourite pub in Bamberg.

     New Bamberg Brewery by  Barm on  2019-03-01 03:08:33

Do you know, I've never been to Sternla.

Or Abseits for that matter.  I only made it to Greifenklau on like my ninth visit, but at least there is an excuse for that as it's up that big bastard hill.

       New Bamberg Brewery by  Jason  on  2019-03-01 04:09:24

I’ve never been to sternla either, which is arguably more surprising. I’d just rather drink bamberg beer from the brewery. 

That hill is a poor excuse though, it’s not that bad and there are regular buses. 

         New Bamberg Brewery by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-01 04:26:03

And the hill gives you the opportunity to earn that beer.

           New Bamberg Brewery by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-01 05:46:10

Good news about Sternla.  They have declared it on their website as well.  Brewery going in the upper floor and ready to start brewing by May (if the translation I read is correct).  Regular beers on tap by September with possible tastings sooner.

             Brewing courses at Sternla by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-01 05:48:39

They're also going to be hosting brewing courses.

         New Bamberg Brewery by  AndyH on  2019-03-01 06:23:30

Sternla is well worth a visit, and the food isn't bad either.

       New Bamberg Brewery by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-03 03:43:57

I know I've been there but I can't remember it. Abseits is a must, but be aware it is not a traditional old Brauhaus, rather, a uni Studentencafé. And as such, it is top. Well worth a visit, especially with the new subway under the railyard.

Greifenklau's Garten with view of the Burg is wonderful in the right season and weather.

         New Bamberg Brewery by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-03 03:56:14

Hmmm...googling Sternla makes me wonder if I have in fact been there. I think actually not. 

But I see it's just down from Burgerheart burger restaurant and around the corner from "Dude Retro Lounge". Yikes. There's a "Barber's Club" place down the street in this hipster part of Aachen that is for men only, where they can go and have their massive beards toped or whatever. And "talk about manly things" with no interruption from pesky women folk, according to the lady that owns the place where I'm staying.

Anyway, the burger craze seems to have not let up. I remember those of us who've been (sorry veggies) have liked the Zapfhahn. Seemed pretty decent to me. But the ones up here...sheesh. WAY too much spice and way over done. No, lads, a burger should not be like a sausage patty, says the Yank.

         New Bamberg Brewery by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-03 03:56:14

Hmmm...googling Sternla makes me wonder if I have in fact been there. I think actually not. 

But I see it's just down from Burgerheart burger restaurant and around the corner from "Dude Retro Lounge". Yikes. There's a "Barber's Club" place down the street in this hipster part of Aachen that is for men only, where they can go and have their massive beards toped or whatever. And "talk about manly things" with no interruption from pesky women folk, according to the lady that owns the place where I'm staying.

Anyway, the burger craze seems to have not let up. I remember those of us who've been (sorry veggies) have liked the Zapfhahn. Seemed pretty decent to me. But the ones up here...sheesh. WAY too much spice and way over done. No, lads, a burger should not be like a sausage patty, says the Yank.

 5 seidla Steig  by  Jason  on  2019-02-28 02:19:48

short note: Linden Braue in Graefenberg is now closed on Sundays. As in my opinion the best stop on the walk I thought I’d share that Sunday’s are now not the best day to do the walk. 

   5 seidla Steig  by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-02-28 02:25:29

That's shite. It's a pretty good location. For me the second best, as I'm really addicted to dark Hoffmann beer from Hohenschwärz. 

     5 seidla Steig  by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-28 06:09:56

If memory serves I think one of the other places is closed on Sunday too?  Strongly considering doing this on a Saturday in July.  Again if memory serves Saturday may be the best day for everything being open.

       5 seidla Steig  by  Jason  on  2019-02-28 07:25:50

Without checking I’m pretty sure all are open on Sunday normally... and there’s the Friedmann Keller in graefenberg too. 

I imagine they’ve closed because of drunk people. It’s become a problem for these small breweries I think. Even people where I work now about it, and they’re normally very nuremberg focused. 

         5 seidla Steig  by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-28 08:13:12

You're correct.  All the rest are open on Sunday's.  I had looked recently.  Maybe I noticed Lindenbrau was closed on Sundays now.

So drunkenness has become a problem at these small breweries?  Is this a 5 Seidla Steig thing?  Perhaps they marketed it a bit too much.

           5 seidla Steig  by  Jason  on  2019-02-28 15:15:45

Exactly. Overcrowding and drunkenness, in the context of these small villages. There's an ecosystem as you know Marc, and in an effort to advance, maybe they have overreached and burned their wings. 

I'm going to pick up 50L of Lindenbrau tomorrow to drink on Saturday with my football colleagues. 

             Drunkenness by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-01 00:59:34

I don't know if they marketed themselves, or some sort of Franconian tourist organisation did. But yes, as soon as I read Jason's original post, I figured it was because of the drunks. I remember something about places deciding that Sundays aren't worth the trouble, even though they rake in a lot more money.

How are things with stag and bachelor do's in Bamberg now--worsening still, or have they figured out some way to deal with them?

I shudder when I think of how irresponsibly I used to be in a previous life (a couple of lives ago now), how I would drive around completely plastered in Oregon. All that strong "craft" and Belgian lucky I didn't take out some innocent person or family. At least Europeans tend to have a better attitude towards drunk/drink driving.


             5 seidla Steig  by  TomM on  2019-03-01 03:07:15

Would anyone recommend Graefenberg as a place to spend two or three nights, perhaps midweek to avoid the crowds?

Anyone stayed in town and can recommend accomodation?

               5 seidla Steig  by  Jason  on  2019-03-01 04:07:12

Yes I would. It’s an attractive small town with good rail connections and walking of course. You can stay at Lindenbrau as they have guest rooms (check online). 

Even as a local I’m considering  a spring visit and a stay at the brewery as it’s a bit drawn out to get to from bamberg and get back the same day. 

             5 seidla Steig  by  Barm on  2019-03-01 03:12:03

Same thing happened, as you probably know, to the real ale rail trail between Stalybridge and Batley.

               5 seidla Steig  by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-03 03:40:07

If you're addressing me, yes, I have heard about that. I first did it years ago on a weekday afternoon, and fell in love. Then I did it on a Saturday...whoopsie! 

Ah, the simple old days of wandering around drinking myself half to death...

     Hoffman and tour in May. by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-28 06:26:33

Speaking of Hoffman, while I may do the 5 Seidla Steig in July, I'm thinking of not waiting that long to visit Hoffman.  My wife has volunteered to DD for a day in May (Friday the 3rd to be exact) and the loose plan now is to do a tour of the Frankische Schweiz and I'm thinking Hoffman should be stop #1 and Hecked in Waischenfeld as the final stop with 2 or 3 in between (Leups, Held, etc.).  Sorry no Speilbach on this one.  There are too many in the Frankische Schweiz I've not been to yet like Hoffman and Heckel and the missus doesn't want to do that long of a drive this time.

Anyhow, Juergen you're welcome to join us and go along for the ride if you can get to a train station (like Forchheim) that we could pick you up at.  Barry same goes for you.  Jason is already on board I think.


       Hoffman and tour in May. by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-01 01:01:55

    Heckel -- you've not been there??? Must. My birthday, too...nice. 


         Hoffman and tour in May. by  Jason  on  2019-03-01 04:10:10

It deserves a good few hours Mark... or longer. Don’t over plan ;) 

           Hoffman and tour in May. by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-01 04:24:24

Naturally I will consult with you beforehand.  

             Hoffman and tour in May. by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-01 04:25:11

But I figure Heckel is not going to open until 4-4:30pm anyhow so there will be time to kill beforehand.  So two or three brewery visits should do the trick.

         Hoffman and tour in May. by  Mark Andersen on  2019-03-01 04:35:21

No never been but I have had Heckel beer at Stohrenkeller and was duly impressed.

           Hoffman and tour in May. by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-17 02:15:15

For a while there years ago, I mused about becoming a beer tour leader, driving people around in a van. Of course the problem would have been to not drink anything along the way. It would have been negligent of me, however, to have not at least had a TASTE and a sniff of the beers at each place, just to verify that the tourists were getting the same beery experiences that I had got accustomed to over the years. Because, as we know, some of these breweries' beers can vary quite a bit.

Meh. Still might do it. Or is there enough interest? Guess I could focus on other things like castles and what-not as well as breweries and Bierkeller. My plan to start up a business driving tourists from Vegas out to Hoover Dam and other sites in classic cars sounded great to those I spoke with about it...pity I got sidetracked though. 

 Reduced Opening times: Grasser in Huppendorf by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2019-02-20 04:37:45

The brewpub Grasser in Huppendorf has reduced the opening times:
Published at Facebook (the website is not actual):
Closed: Monday and Tuesday and reduced times on weekends.
They have told me the reason:  a lack of kitchen staff.

   Reduced Opening times: Grasser in Huppendorf by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-01 01:03:20

Hi Gerhard, I'm sorry that I didn't acknowledge you when I did the others previously, when I returned after so long away. Hope you are well....Nick

 Next closure by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-02-20 04:20:34

Brauerei Sigwart, Weißenburg, was sold to Hofmühl-Bräu and will be shut down by March 1st.

   Next closure by  TomM on  2019-02-20 06:15:08

The other brewery in Weissenburg, Schneider, closed in 2015. According to the website, they were supposed to resume brewing in late 2018, but I don't see anything on the Schneider website that indicates this has happened.

     Next closure by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-02-20 06:26:18

Think I'll go and see myself next week. Will report on the subject. Schneider was always a little gem. 

 Kitzmann in Erlangen by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-05 04:46:52

Whoah! Just some of the thread about this from last year. I haven't read through all 29 comments on the press website in the original post, nor have I scoured the boards here (nor anywhere else on the interwebs) for any updates. I'm also not in contact with anyone in Erlangen who might know more, so I shall dare to ask here: Any further update of significance?

The Gaststaette and Braeukontor bottle shop were to remain open, according to the original article. 

Just broke the news to Mrs, who is quite shocked. As am I! My soft spot for the place goes back to when we first visited Erlangen in 2004, as we were considering moving there from Oregon for Mrs's work. The Pils seemed to have a distinctly hoppy character, though sweet, not dry. Which made it weird, like me.

And we were there for their Fest in September, which was great fun. Contrary to what it might seem, I really didn't drunk much of it at all for most of the time we lived there. It was just great to have a big old brewery right there. 

The Gaststaette opened in around 2009, IIRC. We loved eating there, v. good Karpfen and the horseradish beef thingy whose name escapes me. And then the Rotbier was interesting...I will miss enjoying a Seidla of that outside at the Gaststaette this, I guess I can still do that, as the place will be open. But will Kulmbacher do the Rotbier, and will it be any good?

Anyway, it sounds like the classic case of a medium-sized (?) traditional brewery not making ends meet in the competitive new market. And personal reasons...Herr Kitzmann is a great big, round person. Hope he's well. 

I shall endeavour to learn what I can and return here with any updates.


It is exactly the article from Fox TV News in Vegas that Fred dug up that I was fearing would surface. I have an explanation/clarification/rebuttal in the works for my website, but my lawyer suggests I should sit on it for a while. I lit the fire as a joke the day before I made the exaggeratedly threatening phone calls which led to my arrest. They didn't bother to make a fuss about it at the time. Here is a bit of what I've been writing up, with clips of the surveillance video showing what happened.

Las Vegas is a strange place. Full of strange people, where lots of strange things happen.

   Kitzmann in Erlangen by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-05 09:55:00

What a strange life you have led since leaving Colwyn Bay, I hope that you are now more settled and maybe we will meet again in Franken (Roppelt's?).  BTW What has happened to Tabor, since you have transferred your affections to another?

I couldn't make head nor tail of the video clip at that speed!  It might interest you to know that an old business colleague in Italy used to shock visiting friends in restaurants by throwing a glass of grappa onto the table cloth and setting fire to it!  Of course, the vapour caught alight spectacularly but the cloth remained unharmed.

     Kitzmann in Erlangen by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-05 11:10:50

Yeah I couldn't really tell what's going on in the video other than clearly you were not trying to harm anybody.

I'm not a fan at all of Las Vegas.  I've been there for work several times and couldn't wait to leave each time.  Stiebarlimbach is a much nicer place.

       Video of Me in LV by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-07 02:34:31

Did you guys watch only the 10x time lapse video? There are 4 links to videos buried in that bit of text...guess I need to pare it down further for clarity. But here we go, if Fred doesn't least I changed the Subject line!

The casino turned over a 15 minute segment of 720x480 surveillance video to the police, where my lawyer obtained it through discovery, from 16:45 - 17:00 on 19th March. (I was arrested at about 01:00 on the 21st.) I sped that video up 10x, since it just shows Laylay and me standing there, with a 6-second blaze of fire.

From the original video (which I also added the time code to, positioning it near the centre of activity rather than in the corner), I clipped out the segment where I had returned to the bar area from the pool, apparently, based on the direction I entered from.

Then Laylay and I hung out there for nearly 10 minutes, at which point I got the idea to demonstrate that you can not burn granite with lighter fluid, squirted some out on the counter top, and lit it on fire. 

The bartender didn't call anyone, nor do anything other than her usual routine, and nodded when I waved goodbye when we left just before 17:00.

Mark, you're right, LV is a strange, dangerous, yet strangely beautiful place. I met some fabulous people there, but was also physically attacked for the first time ever on three occasions by drugged-up freaks, presumably Crystal Meth. (Breaking Bad did society a horrible disservice in glamorizing the drug IMO.)

I believe I tweeted about the first girl named "Crystal" I met way back on or about 27th Jan 2018, before I ditched my erlangernick twitter account. It was a 37 YO woman who said she was dying of several "old persons'" diseases, despite having been off CM for TWENTY years. Her eyes were bloody. Not blood shot, but you could see blood in the whites of her eyes. She said she calls herself "Crystal" so that people will remember her story.

The second was an Indian girl (well...39) who was raped and strangulated for four hours the night after I met her, by her meth-head ex-boyfriend. Her real name is Crystal Gayle Davis Hernandez...I also have a page about her that I've sort of taken down, but since you lot here are friends, here it is: .

BTW...jaywalking can be an arrestible offense in LV...keep my lawyer's number in mind if you visit the place: 702-777-9999; they are REALLY good! There be no phone books in jail, nor internet. There are numbers of bail bondsmen listed at the phones, IIRC, but that's it.

ObBeer: No Franconian beer in Aachen that I know of. Had a bottle of 2015 Boon Geueze last night which I got for 2.80EUR a while back. Meh. Tart.

     Kitzmann in Erlangen by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-07 02:43:12

Ah...Tabor...I started in on the whole explanation of Crystal below, to answer your question, but lost track. Tabor is fine, has been with Mrs the entire time. I missed him so much that I got Crystal (named her after the two victims of the drug of the same name I went on about in response to Mark), who was conveniently born on 23rd April. Or whelped, I guess. She's my #1 bitch. Well, I realize that may be impolite to some British ears, but she is what she is.

At one dog park near Pittsburgh, an old guy there told me his dog was "a bitch", and that he had been waiting to be able to say that without repercussion for a long time! Guess I seemed trustworthy.

The US has become a strange, strange place in my absence. There is an unofficial psychological syndrome my wife looked up called "repatriation syndrome", where things seem to have changed, but in this case, it's NOT just my imagination. There is something wrong with much of American has gotten worse. It's probably the internet. Facebook, in particular. Gold-star sydrome. The soyboy effect (the biological fact, that is, not the politically-charged vituperation). 

Americans are so much more on edge than even they used to be. Or am I just imagining it? I think not. It is cheaper to live there though...

       Kitzmann in Erlangen by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-07 05:04:49

Glad to hear that Tabor is ok, as we had some good times together.

Not sure that the US has become a strange place in 'your' absence; I wouldn't wish to be rude, because I really value my US-friends as honourable, decent people, but I found it strange (not just different) when I went there in 1978 (I think).  It is so different to Europe - any part of Europe - and I wonder whether Americans feel the same way when they visit the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy or wherever.  I suppose that they do.

Jacqueline and myself went to Orlando around 1990 (ok, Orlando is a touristy place but so is LV).  Later,  she came with me on one of my working trips to Romania.  When asked, she said that she much preferred Romania, because she felt more at home there, even given the language difference!  Personally, I feel comfortable in any part of Europe because we have so much shared culture and attitude, something that the Brexiters don't seem to understand but, then, most have only been to Spanish or Turkish tourist places.  

Sorry, didn't mean to get too political.

         Kitzmann in Erlangen by  AndyH on  2019-02-07 06:01:18

Not all quitters have even left the UK and at the risk of stereotyping...

No, you're right, lets not go there...

Although, it is their year in China!

         Kitzmann in Erlangen by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-07 07:13:05

See I think part of the problem with Europeans perception of the US is that most Europeans when they visit tend to visit the strangest most touristy places.  Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, Los Angeles, etc. 

I think you'd find that if you spent some time in New England for example that the atmosphere, attitudes, etc. are a little closer to what your used to in Europe.  I often feel more at home in the places I visit in Europe than I do in other parts of the US.  Yes Orlando is much different than Europe and also much different than other places in the US such as New England. 

I wish that when Europeans visited the US they would go to other less crazy places (and IMO much nicer places) such as New England, Pacific Northwest, rocky mountain region (i.e. Colorado for example).  Instead they go to Orlando, LV, NYC, and so on and take that image home with them as the image of what America is like.  It's part of it to be sure but there is so much more.  It's a huge country folks.  the distance from Boston to Dallas, TX is as far as London is to Moscow.  

In a nutshell.  No I don't feel the same way when I visit Europe as you did when you visited Orlando.  But I suppose someone that lived in Orlando would.

That being said there are definitely many things that I really admire and wish we could emulate about European society and lifestyle.  There's a reason I visit so often.  But the differences are less drastic living here in New England.

           Kitzmann in Erlangen by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-07 07:24:24

Just as an added example to what I've said, I would add that the one city in the world that I think is most like my home city of Boston is Dublin.  Just my opinion and perception but when I walk around Dublin it just feels more like Boston than any other city I've visited in the US.  And really for me that is not even a close call.

             Kitzmann in Erlangen by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-07 08:02:40

Very interesting Mark and I'm sure that you're right.  You've visited quite a few places in the UK that are not touristy - certainly Dudley and the Black Country would not be on most people's tour itinerary, nor even Old Colwyn, though Conwy is but it's not quite Las Vegas or Orlando - yet!

Personally, I'm not so fond of Dublin nowadays, as the song 'Dublin In the Rare Old Times' says, they've made a city of our town (you can listen to Luke Kelly singing it on YT) and I feel the same about my home town of Manchester.  It's why I don't bother going to Muenchen and why I'll probably only call in for a few hours to Brisbane.  And part of the reason why Bamberg is lovely.

When I was in Orlando, I went out of way to try to meet ordinary people living there by going to local classic car shows in parks, etc., and talking to enthusiasts about their cars - I thought that this would be a shared passion.  If you go to similar in the UK, owners are so proud of their cars - most of which they've restored themselves - as I used to, they will talk endlessly about them.  But in Orlando, after an initial friendly response, owners sort of went a bit cold, as if I was trying to steal their souls - or their cars, maybe!  (I also realised that most were not the dirty fingernails type but people who paid for their cars to be restored - bit like the many classic cars we get on the telly nowadays).

But, I suppose that we should say 'viva la difference' - if we were all the same, what a boring world int would be!

               Dudley! by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-08 12:36:42

Mark's been there? I went on my car trip a year ago...maybe you're thinking of me. But that was purely Led Zeppelin-driven. Well, the Black Country for the mythical beers, which were indeed worth their mythical status. 

I found John Bonham's gravesite visit incredibly moving. But then Zep has been a part of my life since I was a wee lad of 8 years old.'s the pic I was thinking of, from my old farcebook thingie that I can no longer access...and the infamous Pennsylvania Bourbon is there. Mind you, I left neither it nor my bass there. 

                 Dudley! by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-09 03:05:48

Oh yes, there were two well documented visits to Dudley and the black Country in 2018 (there may well have been more unreported visits) by members of this Forum for the purpose of drinking the beautiful ales and visiting the lovely pubs.

And guess what?  When I went in the Red Lion on Thursday, what were they serving but Sarah Hughes' Ruby Mild!  And from a cute little wooden cask - mind you, I've seen all sorts of things coming out of that same cask, including, horror of horrors, cider!  So I suppose that it's the same kind of cute wooden cask that is sometimes seen in Stube in Franconia (Frankische connection).  Anyway, I ventured a half and it was good - actually, better than it was when I visited the brewpub with Don S. last year.  But it's way too strong for me.

                   Dudley! by  Jason  on  2019-02-09 03:22:28

Sarah can be very changeable. At the brewery it's obviously fresh and therefore sweeter. I'm sure Ronnie told you but maybe you had your hearing aid turned off... when he ws cellarman he would vent it for 10 days. It would dry out and taste much smoother. I think you'd prefer it. 

                     Dudley! by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-10 02:24:24

Naughty, naughty.  I don't remember whether or not Ronnie told me that (and, actually, my hearing is quite good, most of the time).  Actually, when I was at the brewery with Don S., it tasted neither fresher or sweeter. Taste memory is not a perfect thing but I remember it tasting quite sour and old; that in the Red was simply much nicer.

                       Dudley! by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-01 01:16:07

How is Don? Next time, let him know that I am similarly disgusted with the two-facedness of the Yanks he and I used to associate with many years ago, especially the hypocritical old pratt in Portland. (That pratt ain't as old as you, mind, but he is still a pratt. You are not!)

                 Dudley! by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-09 03:44:18

Yeah the missus and I did a UK tour last May. Started in Conwy and Colwyn and met up with Barry. He went on with us to Black Country (met Jason and AndrewH there). Then we continue north to Buxton, York, and finally Edinburgh.  It was a great trip.  So much good beer. 

           Americans & Europeans by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-08 12:44:35

Yes, it used to bug the Scheisse out of me when people here would say, "Yeah, I've been to the US -- Vegas and Miami." I used to laugh at the idea of going to Vegas. And then ... never mind.

I will, however, say that freeway construction there is nearly on a par with Dutch Autobahn -- yes, I"m going there, I find the Dutch motorways/freeways to be superior to Germany's, at least the stretches I've driven. 

And agreed on the east coasters being more ... well, I"m not sure. I spent some time near Pittsburgh on my trip back, and they were far more tolerant of weirdness than Nevadans or Coloradoans or west coasters in general. 

I did some testing. I would pretend to be talking to my lawyer on the phone, and get louder and louder, to see how and when I would get reprimanded. People didn't give much of a crap in Pittsburgh. Or I would pretend to be a pimp, looking after my hoes from afar.

Fun stuff to do when you're alone! Also dog parks presented a freakish slice of American humanity. Whatever else you want to say in defense of Americans, they have a lot of learning to do with dog ownership, compared to Germans or other continentals. Britons are half way there IME. time you're in Aachen, Barry, I'll point you to the part of town I've landed it now. Lots of old architectual character. Maybe almost Bathian. 

             Americans & Europeans by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-09 03:07:49

It may be a long time before I'm in Aachen again!  As you say, quite lovely architecture but, unlike Bath, it doesn't have a plethora of lovely pubs, with lovely cask ale.

               Americans & Europeans by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-11 12:24:48

Or unlovely cask ale. Or Kellerbier. There is Alt though, and the oldest Altbierbrauerei der Welt is near Moenchengladbach, whose perfectly fine Alt is on keg right near where I'm staying at the moment, in an airbnb place in a fabulous old townhouse. 

Also Frankenheim is on in a place in the Zentrum. In both cases, right next to Koelsch, which is pretty tabu in Dusseldorf and Koeln, with the exception being the one place where Don & Cheri led us to years ago, and then where Don proceeded to fart the place up. Sorry, but rough truth is rough. Don had a penchant for doing that back then and then blaming others. 

Frankenheim more or less became my favorite Alt in Dusseldorf, despite the masses prefering Zum Uerige. Meh...YMMV.

I'll be looking forward to meeting up again whenever we can, wherever. As soon as I get my Toyota situation straightened out, I may plan to drive to your Isles for a final pre-Brexit visit. Won't be for a month though, as I've rented this place that long.

                 Americans & Europeans by  Barm on  2019-02-12 07:38:12

It will be far cheaper for you if you wait until after Brexit for the pound to fall further in den Keller.

                   Americans & Europeans by  AndyH on  2019-02-13 03:14:32

That might be a long wait.

                 Americans & Europeans by  AndyH on  2019-02-13 07:02:37

I've always had a soft spot for Schlüssel Alt.

                   Americans & Europeans by  Barm on  2019-02-14 04:12:12

I like it too, even though to me it tastes the most like English bitter of any of the Düsseldorf Alt beers.

                     Americans & Europeans by  AndyH on  2019-02-14 04:52:54

Having been brought up in Tadcaster, that's probably why I like it.

 Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by  David on  2019-02-02 06:50:28

Hi Guys, I will be back in town for quick hit and run the end of the month for 4 days. Has anyone been to Schroll or Drei Kronen lately? Has the beer been on par? Personal opinions please? Thanks

   Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by  Jason  on  2019-02-02 07:28:53

hi David, I wouldn’t say ‘recently’ but the beer at both has always been fine. I’m guessing you have reasons for going as they aren’t... well they are good without being outstanding, but then good in Franken is very very good in most other places. The tap in nankendorf is a bit like a cafe, a little lacking in atmosphere. 

They serve the drei Kronen in pizzini on tap FYI. And I’m presuming you’ve been to heckel (near nankendorf)? A great place, more than just the beer. It’s a classic. Held Brau is not far either and is excellent. But I presume you’re aware of those things. 

     Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by  David on  2019-02-02 16:04:37

Thanks Jason for the info. I am doing a Bamberg East Brauerei excursion at a slow pace. I am trying to limit my stops this trip. Opinions are always desired. Presently I am thinking Ott, Aichinger,Stockel,Schroll, and Heckel. I am trying to design a nice itinerary. This is my ninth trip but first with car rental so an ergonomically easy route with a slow pace should work good

       Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by  Jason on  2019-02-03 08:57:51

Aichinger is normally good. Stöckel is a classic. 

Sounds like a good plan. 

         Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by  Mosquit on  2019-02-03 11:14:57

I was in Nankendorf early December. We tasted 3 different beers - I think it was Pils, Dunkles and third one I don't recall. 
All of them were clean (no issues), well balanced. 

We have visited the the place on Friday morning (around 11am) so we were only (and probably day's first) guests, so that is even more suprising that beer was that good. 

       Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-02-04 03:16:01

David, that'll be a legendary trip. Very good choices made. Talking about Schroll - mostly Jason and me share the same taste but in my opinion, Schroll Landbier is one of the best and absolutely outstanding; It's quite complex. I always can taste a little iron or maybe blood in the beer and like that very much. But that's a matter of taste. Aichinger and Stöckel - most underrated classics! 

 Franconia July/August 2019 by  BrianW on  2019-01-31 10:29:33

I am getting close to finalizing my rough itinerary for my first real visit to Franconia this summer, somewhere at the end of July or beginning of August.  Initially I had planned to visit with my wife to celebrate my 50th birthday and our anniversary, but it has turned into a family vacation with two young teenagers, so more sightseeing and less beer drinking.  We are flying into Berlin since my wife and kids have never been there, making our way to Bamberg and surrounding sights for a few days, then heading down to Munich and flying home from there. So I need to figure out a Franconian itinerary that gets maximum beer for me and sights to see for the family while I'm drinking. We will have a car and my wife is willing to drive me around.

I'm definitely spending a day or two in Bamberg.
Probably a day in Pottenstein, since there seems to be fun family things to do there.
I'd thought about Drei Kronen and Hartmann (my friend's last name is Hartmann and I'd like to bring him a souvenir)
Probably a day in Nuremberg

1) Annafest--worth it? And should my wife and kids drop me off for the day or would they enjoy themselves?
2) If you knew it was going to be your last visit ever to Franconia and you had one day, where would you go and what beers would you drink?  (Excluding Bamberg, since I'm definitely going there no matter what I do). Any recommendations on a perfect beer served in a spectacular biergarten setting particularly appeciated.
3) Any brewers that are approachable to talk about their brewing? I am a homebrewer and would love to learn from the source.
4) Any castles, museums, or other sights that shouldn't be missed? 

Looking forward to possibly meeting some of you this summer.


   Franconia July/August 2019 by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-31 12:37:12

1.  Annafest is something that your wife and kids would probably also enjoy.  Live music, lots of rides, etc.  I wouldn't want to be carrying an infant or chasing a toddler around Annafest but teenagers I'd bring.  I'll be at Annafest this year on the 1st Saturday (a crowded day but we'll go early).

2.  Very tough to answer.  There are several places and not all near each other.  We all have our personal favorites.  For me there are many but sicne you mentioned Pottentstein that is one of the many places I really love.  Spielbach (probably too far away for you to make happen but I'd hate not to mention it).  Roppelts Keller and Lieberth keller up on the Kreuzberg.  Merkendorf.  Dorfleins, Schroll in Reckendorf, Moenchsambach ... and I could keep going on and on.  I think your just going to have to do your research and make a tough decision.  No way around it.  For a beautiful setting and a beer I really love for me it's hard to beat Roppelts Keller.  I could spend all day there.  Others disagree with me on that.

3.  Can't help you there.

4.  Admittedly I'm not sure what a museum is.  I may have passed one or two on the way to a brewery.  There is the brewing museum in Bamberg of course.  However, I think it's worth going up to the Altenburg castle in Bamberg for starters.  Have lunch or dinner up there with the family perhaps.  Nuremburg is probably a good place for that sort of thing as well.  

I'll be based in Bamberg from the 19th to the 29th with a homebrewing friend from upstate NY and my daughter and her friend will be coming into Bamberg from  Berlin also for the first Annafest weekend.  I think Canalissimo in Bamberg is the weekend of the 19th but I haven't seen an official announcement.  That's my hope because that is a good time and you and the fmaily would probably enjoy it.  So if you're there during some of those same days I hope to meet you for a beer.  

     Franconia July/August 2019 by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2019-02-01 09:32:27

Canalissimo is from 25th to 28th July. 

Maybe Kulmbach is a nice location for the total family:
- A beer museum more interesting for visitors as in Bamberg. Owner is the industrial brewery Kulmbach (minority share of Heineken). It is a combination with a museum for spices and a museum aboutfür bakeries.
- A castle - Plasssenburg with a historic museum
- The Kommunbeäu Kulmbach with good beers. My recommandation for food, cooke
with beer.

A map about the best castles, museums etc in the region.

In combination with a brewery visit in Memmelsdorf (better: Wagner in Merkendorf nearby) I recommend a visit of the Schloß Seehof with a nice english garden.

Vierzehnheiligen in Lichtenfels:
- a brewery behind the church (very good beers)
- a beautiful church
Nice beweries in the surrounsings:, p.w.
Mwtzgerbräu Uwetzing
and some other breweries.
It's a butcher with good "Brotzeiten" (bread with smoked ham). A crazy small store for the village people.

       Franconia July/August 2019 by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-01 10:26:17

Thanks for the update on Canalissimo dates.  Those dates work out pretty well actually.

   Franconia July/August 2019 by  Jason on  2019-01-31 12:54:18

As always, subjective, but here’s my view.

Which drei Kronen? Hartmann is ok if you have a reason. Huppendorf nearby is much better. 

1) Annafest--worth it? And should my wife and kids drop me off for the day or would they enjoy themselves?
Yes. And no, they would enjoy it. There’s a great atmosphere and though they might be a bit old for fairground rides, who knows. 3-4 hours in the afternoon would be enough I think, as a family. 
2) If you knew it was going to be your last visit ever to Franconia and you had one day, where would you go and what beers would you drink? (Excluding Bamberg, since I'm definitely going there no matter what I do). Any recommendations on a perfect beer served in a spectacular biergarten setting particularly appeciated.
God what a thought! As a resident I hope never. No such thing as a perfect beer, or at least there is, but it’s all about the moment. It’s a hard one, and you can ask anyone on here and get many ideas, all justifiable. I would say merkendorf, visit both breweries. For Kellers I would say Griess in geisfeld or the Kreuzberg Kellers, especially lieberth and roppelts - there are 5 Kellers on a hill, it’s a really good day out. 
3) Any brewers that are approachable to talk about their brewing? I am a homebrewer and would love to learn from the source.
You can try, but English is not spoken widely enough to the level you need. Plus they don’t have the time to sit and chat unless you catch them at the right time. They are also suspicious of too many questions, even if you are a regular. I would drop this personally. 
4) Any castles, museums, or other sights that shouldn't be missed? 
Outside Bambergs’ history... Oberfranken is full of charm, history and beauty, but nothing too spectacular, in and of itself. Vierzehnheiligen is a beautiful baroque church with a brewery out the back... seßlach is a very well preserved medieval walled town with a communal brewery. There are a few castles but they aren’t stand outs. To be honest you’ll find plenty of museums in Nuremberg. 

     Franconia July/August 2019 by  Mike on  2019-01-31 23:15:16

I agree with Jason. The rides and stands at Annafest are meant for younger childern, not teenagers. BTW, teenagers 16 and older can legally drink beer in Germany. They need to have passports, and show those, rather than a driver's licence since the Germans are unlikely to know what that is.

I speak German (my parents lived in Berlin). I think it is a mistake to drive from Berlin to Bamberg, and driving while drinking beer is definitely not a good idea. If I were you, I would take a train from Berlin to Bamberg especially as it is probably faster than driving and it is a long distance.

Sesslach is a really interesting town in the sense that the city has a brewery that supplies most of the pubs in the town. I was there on brewing day (I am not a home brewer) and spoke with the brewer (in German, I have no idea if he speaks English, but I rather doubt it).

I have stayed at the hotel in Huppendorf and eaten in their restaurant. The last time I was there, I heard people from the next table talking and one couple had driven a fair distance to eat there. I would definitely try that. There are a few younger relatives of the brewer around and some of them may speak English, although to be fair, Huppendorf is a rural village with no city nearby. If they do speak English, it may be at a simple level. It is reachable by bus, btw.


       Franconia July/August 2019 by  BrianW on  2019-02-01 06:03:38

Thanks for that advice and I agree.  We are definitely taking the train from Berlin to Bamberg and probably Bamberg to Munich, but it just seemed like Franconia would be easier if we had a car and my wife won't be drinking.  I lived in Germany twice in the 90s (in Mannheim and Hamburg) and have visited other times and other parts of Europe and never rented a car. I love public transportation and take a commuter train every day to work so I am very comfortable with that.  And I do speak German, although it is a little rusty at this point but I am working on that.

         Franconia July/August 2019 by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-01 06:09:07

Franz Roppelt will talk about his Kellerbier, Bockbier, and Weizen in Franconian. If I'm there, I'll help you out, if you need it.

AFA driving from Berlin goes, I say, think about driving. Experience the Autobahn, unless it's something you got enough of in the past. A family on the train might be a bit of a challenge that you might not want to deal with on your precious time, but then again, maybe it would be fun, certainly different to what you get in the US. I've gone around about this myself. And you're lucky to have Mrs driving...nice!

I would definitely throw in a walk around Forchheim, have someone point out the "Mauerscheisser" depicted on the town hall wall. Well, you'll be there for Annafest anyway. Annafest...danger. The beer is so drinkable, and so strong (well, relatively speaking).

           Franconia July/August 2019 by  Carl on  2019-02-01 07:34:11

More free advice:
Stay in Franconia, and train to Berlin.
There is the new high-speed rail, which cuts travel time from Munich to Berlin to 4-5 hours, and I believe some stop in Bamberg, knocking at least another hour off the trip.
You can always rent a car in the Bamberg/Nuremberg area as necessary.

   Franconia July/August 2019 by  AndyH on  2019-02-01 02:29:19

A good range of questions Brian, some of which will be answered by broad agreement, others less so.

1. Annafest - Yes, I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.

2. Ask 100 people, get 100 answers. In general terms I'd say think about the whole package, beer, ambiance, somewhere where there are a few different places within easy walking distance of each other or just chill in a good beer garden full of locals.

3. Try Weyermanns. An especially good option for homebrewers, I except.

4. Plenty to see in Bamberg, Nuremburg, Coburg, etc.

Hope that helps.


     Franconia July/August 2019 by  BrianW on  2019-02-01 06:08:18

I'm glad you said Coburg because I forgot to mention that and I think we will end up going there.

       Franconia July/August 2019 by  Jason  on  2019-02-01 16:44:28

         Franconia July/August 2019 by  Jason  on  2019-02-01 16:55:15

Sorry but Coburg is not worth a trip. My opinion. There’s no beer whatsoever. And it has nothing on bamberg. And the people.... 

   Franconia July/August 2019 by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-01 04:45:44

Just a bit more about Annafest.  You def. don't have to drive to get there.  It's easy access from Bamberg to Forchheim and they have free buses that run up to the event all day/night long.  I just mention because you mentioned being dropped off by your wife.  You can all go and nobody need drive.  I've taken both my daughters there at age 16 and they had a great time.  They drank some beer, went on some rides, enjoyed the live music, and so on.  

Sesslach, as Jason suggested, is a great idea.

     Franconia July/August 2019 by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-01 09:17:56

I can't much to my esteemed colleagues recommendations - particularly as they tend to be places where we have been together.

There are lots of kellers scattered about Franken, most of which are pretty good (did nobody mention Spezikeller in Bamberg - beer from Spezial and the most beautiful views of the city) but I think that that a trip to Stiebarlimbach and Roppelt's is as good as any - then you climb up the hill by the keller and try those up there.

I must put in a little plea fir a visit to Neder in Forchheim - apart from it being being as characterful as any town pub, anywhere (and there are certainly some interesting characters there!), sitting outside, by the Alte Rathaus, on a summer's day or evening, is fantastic; not to mention, of course, the amazing experience of sitting inside - and the beer is usually good as well!

I second the suggestion of Merkendorf, two great breweries in one little village.  But, you are spoilt for choice and won't be disappointed, whatever you do. 

   Franconia July/August 2019 by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2019-02-01 09:57:56

A nice combination  in Bamberg is maybe:
The Hainbadestelle in Bamberg.
A small fee and You (or Your family) can swim in the river Regnitz (somewhere else it is forbidden to swim in rivers).
nearby is the Biergarten Bootshaus at the river
with a selection of beers of the Brewery Kundmüller
So your family can swim and You can drink beer.
It's a walkable distance to the old city of Bamberg. Also parking places. Maybe combned wtth a walk through the Hain (an english garden in Bamberg)

 Old bar - New scene... MUST READ  by  Jason  on  2019-01-31 09:54:12

What was formerly known as Green (something), next door to November Rain Bar on Obere Koenigstrasse just before Weissbierhaus (now closed I think, or closing) is now known as Strawanza. 

I don't know much, but they currently have Schroll (Reckendorf) Bayerischer Anstich. They've had Eichhorn Doerfleins and Will Schederndorf so some serious good taste IMO. I popped my head in last night and the very pleasant barman/owner informed me the barrel was empty. I asked him if they change the barrels up and he said yes, so it sounds really interesting, even if it had Schroll permanently. It opens evenings, I think from 19h, it's very small and at first glance looked like the trendier bars like Karwenzman, Ostbar and Schwarzer Schaf. That's by no means a negative, especially with a good beer on tap. Music seems a feature and I imagine it would be busy almost constantly. 

Definitely a great addition to the area, providing a convenient and much needed break between walking from Spezi to Catweasel's Castle. Their Facebook page is updated regularly with the beer on offer. 

I shall investigate further. 

   Old bar - New scene... MUST READ  by  Johnratcliffe on  2019-01-31 10:29:35

That place has always looked a bit scary! Such a long walk between Spezi and Catwheazle!

     Old bar - New scene... MUST READ  by  Jason on  2019-01-31 12:33:50

It isn’t now... very nice. I wouldn’t walk, I cycle laugh

     Old bar - New scene... MUST READ  by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-31 12:41:06

Haha!  Yes now there is a place to stop on the way to Catwheazle for a refreshment.  I could have used the rest the last time.

It sounds like a nice addition.

       Old bar - New scene... MUST READ  by  TomM on  2019-02-01 02:24:11

I think the place referred to used to be called "Evergreen". When I went in there many years ago it was run by a nice woman who served Honig-Tiefenellern and Weismainer beers.

       Old bar - New scene... MUST READ  by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-01 09:18:56

Don't mention Catweazle!

     Old bar - New scene... MUST READ  by  AndyH on  2019-02-01 02:15:51

Long walk? It's not really that far, I normally walk to Mahrs and Keesmann.

I rarely remember Catwheazle and it's certainly good tom have more options.

       Old bar - New scene... MUST READ  by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-01 03:58:38

I think the long walk comment was sarcasm.

 Servus! by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-01-30 03:10:23

First time back here in over a year, I think. Hope everyone's well, and it's good to see lots of familiar names still posting.

Been a weird, weird, weird year for Mrs and me. First off, she quit her career (not just her job) at adidas as predicted in Nov 2017. I sold the bottle of Hirsch Pennsylvania Bourbon in Atlanta for $2000 (paid $20 for it around 1999). Sold my 99 Volvo for 7000 EUR (I'd been hoping for 3 or 4k, got lucky there too) to a Franconian car collector after returning from my drive around England & Wales in December.

I then took a trip to see my parents at Christmas in Greenville SC and Minneapolis. That was horrible. Not just the weather in Mpls, but also seeing my parents and sister in rapidly declining health, mentally and physically. And I'd not travelled at Xmas time for a decade or two, just because, well, it sucks.

(Mrs says she warned me not to visit them, which I don't recall. I kinda wish I had heeded that's where my luck turned for the worse.)

Then I took a week in Las Vegas before heading back to Erlangen. I needed warmth and relaxation, and I'd never been there before. Actually never thought I WOULD go there before, as Mrs & I used to laugh at the idea. I landed there on 31st December and did indeed find it warm and relaxing. Pleasant, actually.

So much so, that I thought I would actually stay and relocate there, with or without Mrs. I thought I would start up a business, driving tourists around in a classic car, which I then bought. (We had decided to split, after a couple of decades together...Scheisse happens.)

I did see Uncle Jimbo one day, I think on 2nd January. Was nice to catch up. I should also have heeded his warning, that Las Vegas is a strange, strange place. I began to learn JUST how strange over time.

Anyway, the business idea didn't really pan out. I became the victim of serious crime for the first time in my life, save my car having been broken into once in the 90s. And I got into a bit of trouble myself, legally, which is being resolved, albeit slowly. I basically did the equivalent of giving a security manager at a casino the finger, but I was unaware of how paranoid the place had become, in part because of the mass shooting on 1st Oct 2017, three months before my arrival. 

My advice to anyone visiting Vegas would be: watch out for the young girls, and leave the weed alone. The new medical-grade marijuana that's being sold over there now --legally in "dispensaries"-- is way, way too strong. The girls are all gold-diggers, even when they claim not to be. 

The dating game has changed since I was young, at least in the US. I can see why middle-aged guys go for mail-order brides from places like Russia or wherever. Young American girls ... never mind, not the right forum. The internet has changed things.

There is quite drinkable beer in Vegas (though pretty crappy selection for a city of 2 million), and of course you can eat and drink well and cheap, especially the 2 - 3 pound prime rib deal at the Ellis Island Casino, the first brewpub casino. Barley's, another brewpub casino...too modern and run by twats.

Anyway, we sold our townhouse in Erlangen for a very good price in June, and are now renting a flat in Aachen. Aachen is lovely, but the beer is limited to Koelsch, Bitburger, and the occasional place with basic Belgian beer. It is close to the lovely town of Valkenburg, just over the border in the NL though. 

That part of the NL is fascinating (to me anyway) because it's all mixed up between German, Dutch, and Belgian. 

I had a 2001 Toyota Sequoia shipped over, after driving it from LA to Washington DC with my new doggie ... right, I also ended up missing my Bikerkellerhund so much that I got myself another dog over there, who was conveniently born on 23 April. 

Anyway, that's enough for now. I miss my old life in safe, clean, predictable Erlangen. Ah well.

   Servus! (Text from Above Post) by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-01-30 03:13:43

[Scheisse. the pic's hosed up the text ... here's the text from above again.]

First time back here in over a year, I think. Hope everyone's well, and it's good to see lots of familiar names still posting.

Been a weird, weird, weird year for Mrs and me. First off, she quit her career (not just her job) at adidas as predicted in Nov 2017. I sold the bottle of Hirsch Pennsylvania Bourbon in Atlanta for $2000 (paid $20 for it around 1999). Sold my 99 Volvo for 7000 EUR (I'd been hoping for 3 or 4k, got lucky there too) to a Franconian car collector after returning from my drive around England & Wales in December.

I then took a trip to see my parents at Christmas in Greenville SC and Minneapolis. That was horrible. Not just the weather in Mpls, but also seeing my parents and sister in rapidly declining health, mentally and physically. And I'd not travelled at Xmas time for a decade or two, just because, well, it sucks.

(Mrs says she warned me not to visit them, which I don't recall. I kinda wish I had heeded that's where my luck turned for the worse.)

Then I took a week in Las Vegas before heading back to Erlangen. I needed warmth and relaxation, and I'd never been there before. Actually never thought I WOULD go there before, as Mrs & I used to laugh at the idea. I landed there on 31st December and did indeed find it warm and relaxing. Pleasant, actually.

So much so, that I thought I would actually stay and relocate there, with or without Mrs. I thought I would start up a business, driving tourists around in a classic car, which I then bought. (We had decided to split, after a couple of decades together...Scheisse happens.)

I did see Uncle Jimbo one day, I think on 2nd January. Was nice to catch up. I should also have heeded his warning, that Las Vegas is a strange, strange place. I began to learn JUST how strange over time.

Anyway, the business idea didn't really pan out. I became the victim of serious crime for the first time in my life, save my car having been broken into once in the 90s. And I got into a bit of trouble myself, legally, which is being resolved, albeit slowly. I basically did the equivalent of giving a security manager at a casino the finger, but I was unaware of how paranoid the place had become, in part because of the mass shooting on 1st Oct 2017, three months before my arrival. 

My advice to anyone visiting Vegas would be: watch out for the young girls, and leave the weed alone. The new medical-grade marijuana that's being sold over there now --legally in "dispensaries"-- is way, way too strong. The girls are all gold-diggers, even when they claim not to be. 

The dating game has changed since I was young, at least in the US. I can see why middle-aged guys go for mail-order brides from places like Russia or wherever. Young American girls ... never mind, not the right forum. The internet has changed things.

There is quite drinkable beer in Vegas (though pretty crappy selection for a city of 2 million), and of course you can eat and drink well and cheap, especially the 2 - 3 pound prime rib deal at the Ellis Island Casino, the first brewpub casino. Barley's, another brewpub casino...too modern and run by twats.

Anyway, we sold our townhouse in Erlangen for a very good price in June, and are now renting a flat in Aachen. Aachen is lovely, but the beer is limited to Koelsch, Bitburger, and the occasional place with basic Belgian beer. It is close to the lovely town of Valkenburg, just over the border in the NL though. 

That part of the NL is fascinating (to me anyway) because it's all mixed up between German, Dutch, and Belgian. 

I had a 2001 Toyota Sequoia shipped over, after driving it from LA to Washington DC with my new doggie ... right, I also ended up missing my Bikerkellerhund so much that I got myself another dog over there, who was conveniently born on 23 April. 

Anyway, that's enough for now. I miss my old life in safe, clean, predictable Erlangen. Ah well.


     Servus! (...forgotten point about cars...) by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-01-30 03:25:25

I forgot to finish my point with the 2001 it for a steal (you can get great old cars CHEAP in the SW US!) from the daughter of a retired cop. Had it shipped over, but I failed to learn in advance that Toyota, although they sell Land Cruisers here, never sold the Sequoia. This means that the parts to be ordered in order to bring it from North American to EU codes are a challenge to order. And so it's taking a couple - three weeks for shock absorbers (thanks, German TUEV, for requiring that I replace the front shocks!), lights, and things. It passed the emissions test, at least.

Once I get it back, I believe I shall take off for southern Spain to escape the winter here again. Should be CONSIDERABLY quieter and safer than Nevada.

Also, I started smoking cigarettes and got a head injury, which has worsened my already-bad-enough problem with short-term memory. Not sure I can ever hold a job again, TBH.

My old Twitter account erlangernick...I ditched that in February. Started up a new one in April or so,, but then lost track of the password for it. And so a new one is beer content though--mostly bizarre things about girls, dogs, and meat. 

My old email addresses are similarly unavailable to me at the moment, but the one I used to post here is correct, if you remove a '9' (should be '999'), if anyone should want to hook up. 

       Servus! (...forgotten point about cars...) by  Barry Taylor on  2019-01-30 06:08:50

Hi Nick  It was visiting North Walses that brought about your 'downfall' - you've got to be tough to live here - or even to visit for a day!

Anyway, good to hear from you again and hope that you get your legal problems sorted out.  I don't have to tell you about me, quick look at this Forum (if you haven't done already) would bring you up to date.  Anyway, lot's of travelling and more coming up; Aussie soon, then the usual old Franken Tag des Bieres (still staying Ebensfeld) and now with my regular add on to Prague, which I've got to love.  Two more micro's open in the Bay, one 150 metres from my front door - too near for safety!

I've been to Aachen a few times, both work and leisure, nice place to travel from to other places but a bit mundane in itself.

Miss the regular German lessons and discussions on diet, the latter wasn't very fruitful anyway. 

Keep safe and take it easy!

         Servus! (...forgotten point about cars...) by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-01-30 06:42:45

Thanks Barry!

One thing that has changed dramatically is telephony. Although we sold the house in June, we are still battling the Deutsche Telekom to do things like change addresses and get them to stop thinking we're still using DSL there. 

Germans do things SO WELL in most ways, but part and parcel with it is the incredible Buerokratie. 

AFA cars go, I went through a 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible (pictured), 2007 Volvo convertible (which I got to drive around whilst the former was being restored--it had sat in a Utah garage for 20 years), 2006 BMW 335i 6-spd convertible (hot rod, tuned by the Bulgarian mechanic I bought it from...burned rubber in 2nd gear), a 2002 745i, a 1999 Ford Expedition jacked up to 7' monster truck (got stolen and then impounded when found by the police, later auctioned off for $750), and the Toyota. 

The Volvo got vandalised beyond repair (total loss), the 335...sadly, hit a curb island whilst distracted and bent the frame, the 745i I gave to a girl I met who still has it but it needs a water pump, and most sadly, the Lincoln also got auctioned off whilst I was distracted.

Anyway, that was the adventure with cars.

           Welcome Back by  AndyH on  2019-01-31 01:56:11

Hi Nick,

Welcome back, having also been away from the forum for a while, it was surprising to find you adsent on my return. Sorry to hear life has been turbulent but hope some semblence of normality can be restored.

I'll seek you out on Twitter.

           Servus! (...forgotten point about cars...) by  Barm on  2019-01-31 06:05:24

Nick, it is really good to hear from you. You are back in Europe to stay?

             Servus!...Thanks all Around! by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-01 04:24:19

Barm...I'd lost track of who you were...sorry. Yes, for the time being. We have lots in storage in Erlangen, which we will be collecting (piecemeal) over the coming months, but otherwise, very probably here in Aachen.

A trip back to Nevada is in the cards in late Sept / early Oct, but otherwise, can't imagine going back. Things have gone downhill over there, and it's more difficult to deal with than it used to be. (See wikipedia for expat repatriation syndrome, what Mrs suggests went partly wrong with me over there. And...just stay away from Vegas!)

I appreciate Jason's points about the UK now, not being home any more. Well, I always did, but now I REALLY do. I guess I was just jealous that he got to get that figured out earlier in life than I did. Then again, Jersey -> Franken isn't quite as far as Oregon -> Franken, but still. We made that move with company support.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

Paul...I saw Old Mudgie bad-mouthing a blog post of yours on Twitter over the Mulletted One's (Timbo) Brexit propaganda mag. Uncalled for, but I reckon you're not too broken up about it! I no longer have any room for Spoonses in my heart, after the way they treated my dog and me in Ramsgate -- it's one thing to just throw us out, ENTIRELY another thing to make up a claim that she BIT a worker! (Of course, when challenged to provide the surveillance video, it changed to "Well she jumped at someone.")

Juergen...touché! Have to exchange Wales stories...still not made it to Scotland. Not sure I will, with the 29th March looming around the corner.

Anyway...will be interesting to see how Kellerbier tastes after 2 years away this summer!

Prost, etc...Nick

               Servus!...Thanks all Around! by  AndyH on  2019-02-01 07:58:12

Spoonses are only for using the toilet and then make sure your aim is poor, lol.

Same issue with Dyson, I won't use his hand dryers.

Further boycotted list available on request.

Wish I'd moved to Germany in 2008 when I was thinking about it.

   Servus! by  Jason  on  2019-01-31 09:41:32

Welcome back to the light Nick!

Take it easy.

     Servus! by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-02-01 01:01:59

Hi Nick.

You're sort of nuts, but welcome back!

j.- ;-)

       Servus! by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-01 08:12:49

Yeah welcome back Nick.  I would have said: geez you can go all the way to Las Vegas and get arrested but you won't go to Spielbach with Juergen.  But as I recall you did finally visit Spielbach before your adventure.  "meh" I believe was your opinion.  We forgive you.

         Servus! by  Barry Taylor on  2019-02-01 09:20:06

Do we?

           Servus! by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-01 10:25:44

I think the man has paid for his crime.  

             Servus! by  Jason on  2019-02-02 04:41:03

Haha, i just saw Barry’s post after I’d posted the same thing. Great minds. 

Barry, I’ll be enjoying an afternoon evening im Spielbach tomorrow. I am visiting a lady friend in Ulm today and driving back tomorrow. I thought about a visit to Spiel ach then remembered the accommodation nearby, took a look and for €33 I can stay the night and drive straight to work on Monday rather than driving back to Bamberg. 

Report will follow but I imagine I could draft it now. 

         Servus! by  Jason on  2019-02-02 04:37:10

Do we? ;) 

         Servus! by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-05 02:04:45

Thanks Mark. Suffice to say, I don't sweat the small things NEARLY as much as I used to. Things have to be bigger for me to sweat them. Or something.

"Meh" was probably an over-exaggeration. But then I was pretty jaded by years of rustic Franconian lager already, so all the build up let me down, I guess. I think I went twice. On my own. And loved the EXPERIENCE.

Was better than average Zoiglbier, that's for sure.

   Servus! by  Chris K on  2019-02-02 20:21:21

Nick! Lots of changes for you.
I have been nonexistant on this board forever. Just popped in and saw your news.

In a year's time, I retired, got a new job, got divorced, and got Vegas! Married a Chinese gal, fresh off the boat. And I couldn't be happier.

I'll be returning to Franconia in May. So I'll probably be bothering the other forumers for some advice.

Cheers to all!

Chris K

     Servus! by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-05 02:01:06

Hey Chris -- whoah, that IS a lot. What's the new job? And are you still in WI?

 OT: Copenhagen and Stockholm by  FredW on  2019-01-27 21:28:52

The weather is too warm and sunny here in Los Angeles so I'm headed to Copenhagen (and then Stockholm) at the end of the week. I seem to remember there were the occassional Danish posters here, so if you want to meet up for a beer or three, let me know.

Turns out I will be in Stockholm for Akkurat's Frankenfestival -- was not my intention but I'm sure I'll stop in a few times for something interesting smiley

 Kathi Brau  by  Jason  on  2019-01-25 04:42:35

Good news! Kathi Brau will continue brewing. 

Nuff said. 

   Kathi Brau  by  pivnizub on  2019-01-27 08:50:35

Good to hear...!

     Kathi Brau  by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-01-29 05:43:39


 OT: Munich by  AndyH on  2019-01-21 06:57:48

I'll be in Munich at the end of May for a week.

Anyone been recently and know of any interesting recent developments in the Munich beer scene, especially interesting traditional beers from the surroundings that are sold in the centre?

I'm aware of obvious ones like Aying, Schneider, Andechs and Tegernsee.

   OT: Munich by  Carl on  2019-01-21 07:30:51

While not a "new" brewery, Paulaner am Nockherberg had an excellent unfiltered Helles last April.
Not quite "in the center", but not far off.
The group I was with agreed it was the best beer we tasted from any of the big breweries.
(Augustiner was second; a few others in the middle; Hofbrau was last.)

     OT: Munich by  AndyH on  2019-01-21 07:45:21

Interesting, I know of it but wouldn't necessarily have visited, especially now EisWerk has closed, and en route between Giesinger and Tap-House.

Augustiner is generally the most dependable of the "Big 6" and a sorry situation that Hofbrau is now last, you're not the first person to say that.

       OT: Munich by  Jason  on  2019-01-21 08:31:39

There's nothing really 'new' that's not 'crafty'. I would encourage an Augustiner Helles in the Nuernberger Bratwuerst am Gloeckl - but in the Schwemme at the back. 2,70 EUR for a seidla, around a Euro saving from the front. 

         OT: Munich by  AndyH on  2019-01-21 08:59:12

Thanks, I know of it but haven't had a beer there. On the list.

I've listed a few "craft" suggestions too but can't really see the point in visiting too many craft bars, that's not what Munich is about. I've always been inclined to stick with beer styles that are traditional and distinctive to the destination.

           OT: Munich by  rkat32 on  2019-01-21 17:31:21

Just a heads-up that Andechser am Dom recently reopened in a new location (near its old location) next to the Frauenkirche.


             OT: Munich by  AndyH on  2019-01-22 02:06:18

Thanks, yes I've got that Frauenplatz 7.

               OT: Munich by  Barm on  2019-01-22 03:04:06

They might be a bit “crafty” but Giesinger do an excellent Dunkel.

 Bamberg Visit by  Barry Taylor on  2019-01-15 06:21:53

First Brisbane in Feb/March, then Ebensfeld/Bamberg, Apr 21 to May 9 (my big day!).  Just in time for Bamberg Tag des ieres - couldn't miss it!

Hope to be able to sort out joint visit to Spielbach with whoever is there and willing to go - oh and also has a car, horse and cart or any other suitable transport.

   Bamberg Visit by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-15 06:57:16

We’ll be ther for a few days (2nd to 6th) as you know but most likely won’t be up for the excursion out to Spielbach since it’s a short visit. We won’t have a car at any rate. Sorry to be non helpful.  But I’m sure we’ll get plenty of hangout time with you at a more local brewery or three. 

     Bamberg Visit by  Barry Taylor on  2019-01-15 09:30:25

Sure thing, we'll see what happens.

   Bamberg Visit by  Andrew H on  2019-01-16 08:36:30

Who's going to be about for the tag des bieres? Without going into frightful medical details, I have been out of the loop. But will I hope be up for a visit early may.

     Bamberg Visit by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-16 12:06:18

We're not going to make it in time for tag des bieres but will be there first week of May.  Hope to see you there Andy.

       Bamberg Visit by  Barry on  2019-01-16 13:11:04

Sorry to hear about problems. It's become a regular event for me. I suppose we'll see the usual suspects: residents of Bamberg, plus a few visitors.

         Bamberg Visit by  AndyH on  2019-01-18 05:32:11

Not until October for me (the other AndyH).

We should use the calendar more as it's easier to check. Although I notice neither of us, that have put our visits on the calendar, have remembered to say who we are, doh!

           Bamberg Visit by  Andrew H on  2019-01-18 06:31:15

Not the "other" Andy H. The sir,are the imposter!

             Bamberg Visit by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-18 06:37:38

Well I can at least verify that Andrew H is in fact a real, tangible, person.  Not sure about the other Andy.  

Also I see that Barry has at least attempted to use the calendar.  Although he failed to put his name in the description.  It just says in May "Holiday Ebensfeld/Franken".  It could be Nick returning for all we know.  

               Bamberg Visit by  Andrew H on  2019-01-18 07:15:51

Could be, and wielding the sword of bierocles.

                 Bamberg Visit by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-18 07:49:04

I've edited the calendar for Barry just to avoid any confusion.

                   Bamberg Visit by  Barry on  2019-01-18 11:27:16

Thank you, o master of the computer. It's about the first time that I've managed to get that far! The format is a mystery to me.

               Bamberg Visit by  Doug on  2019-01-19 09:57:58

By the way does anyone have any news on Nick

                 Bamberg Visit by  Barry on  2019-01-19 14:14:12

Me,not a word!

                 Bamberg Visit by  AndyH on  2019-01-21 06:50:07

No, I'll try to make contact via FB.

             Bamberg Visit by  AndyH on  2019-01-21 06:48:49

Want to do an old posts check. ;)

I've been away from here for a while.

             Bamberg Visit by  AndyH on  2019-01-21 06:54:36

A quick look back to 2008 :)

               Bamberg Visit by  AndyH on  2019-01-21 07:10:03

2006 :)

 Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  Jason  on  2019-01-08 04:07:17

Some thoughts on the 1 seidla I had on Saturday evening, poured from keg as the wooden barrel had finished. 

Initial impressions were 2 fold: Firstly, it could well be the Schwarzla brewed with rauchmalt. The colour is very dark, darker than Schlenkerla, and there is quite a lot of roastiness. Secondly, it tasted like a watered down version of Schlenkerla, and not in a bad way, although at 5.3% it is a little thin, like the Schwarzla. It was unfiltered due to the issues sing the filtering equipment as it would taint their other beers. Definitely different from other versions brewed by Huppendorf or Weiher, and I was mildly impressed, though others weren't convinced. But then they were going into far too much analysis - would i have had another? Yes. 

Interestingly, Matthias Trum of Heller may have something to say about the whole affair. Apparently, Spezial and Heller have a trademark on the term 'Bamberger Rauchbier' and whilst I know Spezial won't really care either way, due to proximity and the nature of Schlenkerla's worldwide fame, I think Herr Trum will be put out by this. I think it's a gentleman's agreement more than anything - I'm not sure I agree with having a monooly on a term like 'Bamberger Rauchbier' - it should be like any other AOC - if it's brewed in the city it's Bamberger. But I'm not familiar enough with the facts to pass comment. 

The next Bamberg beer war? I think not. 

   Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2019-01-08 06:11:30

The brewery Meusel has offered a "Bamberger Rauchbier" some years ago.
After an intervention of the Bamberger Brauereien e.V. Meusel has changed the name to "Bamberger Landrauchbier". 

The opinion of the Bamberger breweries is that Bamberg means the city of Bamberg without the Landkreis Bamberg (Bamberg country). They try to safe the geographical name Bamberg for their beers..

The previos Klosterbräu was not a member of the society Bamberger Brauereien, but the Kaiserdom brewery was a member and now the new Klosterbräu is  also a member. 

     Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  TomM on  2019-01-08 08:25:14


Do you know if this is meant to be a seasonal beer like Greifenklau's or a year round thing?

I would guess they are using Weyermann's rauchmalz. Certainly not doing their own malting like Schlenkerla and Spezial.

I wonder if Klosterbraue was a rauchbier brewery in the distant past?

       Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  Jason  on  2019-01-09 02:48:16

I'm not sure if they intend to sell year round or seasonally. I can ask a friend but they may use Bamberger Malzerei malt - the malt of choice for most local breweries. 

They have never brewed a rauchbier before according to the brewery itself. At least not one that was called ' rauchbier' i.e. intentionally. 

       Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  AndyH on  2019-01-09 02:48:54

Interesting, when do Greifenklau produce/sell their Rauchbier?

I suppose all breweries were Rauchbier breweries in the past, before 'modern' malt drying technology. Although it's likely that the result was more subtle than modern deliberately smoked beer.

   Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  Barm on  2019-01-09 02:44:15

Didn’t Kaiserdom have their own Rauchbier in the past?
Also, Schlenkerla doesn’t even call itself Bamberger Rauchbier on its own label.

     Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  Jason  on  2019-01-09 02:52:20

Well the point is not necessarily for themselves, more to stop others from using it. Given that Schlenkerla and Spezial are very much rauchbier breweries itself almost synonymous. It's the same with Mahrs U (although Spezials is older), Keesmann Herren Pils, Fassla Lager, Klosterbrau Braunbier... the idea that they all have a certain speciality. Greifenklau's rauchbier is called 'R' - they towed the line. 

       Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  Barm on  2019-01-09 03:04:47

I can’t find a trademark with a quick search on The old Bamberger Löwenbräu had a trademark on its label but that was deleted in 1997. Someone tried to trademark Rauchbier-Schinken, Rauchbier-Currywurst and Rauchbier-Glühwein at various times, but none of those are valid now.

The only “geografische Herkunftsangabe” referring to Bamberg is for Bamberger Hörnla (the potatoes not the croissants).

         Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  TomM on  2019-01-09 03:29:11

Greifenklau's rauchbier is available in May. I had it once way back in 2012 or 2013. It was mildly smoky.

I was aware of the other Bamberg maltster, but I checked their product list and they have no rauchmalz.

Yes, Kaiserdom used to have a rauchbier:

         Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  Jason  on  2019-01-09 03:48:54

I was talking to Florian Merz and he told me about this. Obviously I haven't checked, I assumed he was probably a good source of info. 

I wasn't really convinced you can trademark something like 'Bamberger Rauchbier'. I think it could well be more of a gentlman's agreeement. 

           Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  TomM on  2019-01-22 04:48:35

Klosterbraeu Rauchbier has appeared on their website:

I would guess that it will be served at the tap year round, at least in the bottle, but maybe on draught.

     Klosterbrau Rauchbier  by  FredW on  2019-01-09 08:03:07

The Kaiserdom Rauchbier of old was brewed by Schlenkerla. I once came a cross a really old bottle in a store in LA, I bought it and took it to Matthias Trum as a joke. He said "Ah yes, we used to brew that for them..."

The bottles we used to get were really bad -- old and skunked -- that when the idea of a trip to Bamberg came up (1999) I was a little resistant because of how bad that beer was :)

 Travel to Franken by  Barry Taylor on  2019-01-07 14:28:45

Really bad news: Ryanair seems to have dropped Manchester to Nuremburg flights after March 2019 and also, possibly, Liverpool to Prague flights.  I'm anxiously awaiting the revised summer timetables but it isn't looking too good.

Looks like Easyjet to Munich is the best option, as I'd really like to avoid Frankfurt.  I suppose that it was too good to last (Seidla half empty).

   Travel to Franken by  Uncle Jimbo on  2019-01-07 19:53:29

Bummer, Barry.  I hope you find an alternative.

     Travel to Franken by  Barry on  2019-01-08 01:56:25

Thanks Jimbo, it's annoying but small beer when I think of the time and expense that you chaps in the USA have in getting to Bamberg. The good news is that my potential fare to Brisbane has halved since December and that negative results for medical conditions allow me to get travel insurance (necessary for Aussie visits). Win some, lose some.

       Travel to Franken by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-10 08:35:46

The frustrating part re: coming from the US is that because of the time and expense that it takes we have to be selective on when and for how long we go.  It's not like I can decide on a Tuesday that I'm going to take a quick flight over for a long weekend because I want to be there for bock beer release x, or such and such festival, or I just feel like getting away for a few days to do some beer hiking.  If I lived in the UK, for example, I'd probably be a lot more inclined to visit more frequently but for shorter periods of time and could be more spur of the moment about it.  I know ... pity, poor me.  First world problems and so on ....  Try not to shed a tear.  I'll be okay I promise.

Bitching aside, I am fortunate I get to do it at all let along more than once a year (on most years) and I've got a direct flight options from Boston that are shorter than pretty much anywhere else from the US.  But it still requires a fair amount advanced planning, carving out vacation time, more money, and a lot time pondering and prioritizing if this year I would rather be there for bock season, keller season, spring time and the festivals going on then, Annafest, Canalissimo, etc. etc.  This year keller season, Annafest, and Canalissimo have won out so I'll be there in July for 2 weeks.  There just too much to do over there!!

Accumulating mileage points with an airline helps.  I'm at least getting a free Lufthansa flight every other year.  Like this year.

     Travel to Franken by  Gunnar H on  2019-01-08 02:24:03

Barry maybe the time has come for you to explore the wonderful world of European rail travel. You would of course need an overnight stay in Chester or London, but 70 Euro will take you all the way from London to Bamberg without any airport hassles. All the wonderful views while DB whisks you through the countryside are free. A lunch in the restaurant car is not free but well worth it. Give it a try sometime.

       Travel to Franken by  Jason  on  2019-01-08 03:58:50

I would second this. As a retired gent you have the flexibility and time, plus you can always stop off in Koeln or Duesseldorf. Look into the DB 25 railcard, it costs 60EUR per year and gives you 25% off travel on ALL trains (except the VGN area, annoyingly). 

In Jersey I had to take flights to London, overnight and then take a morning flight to Munich - the east coast Americans on here have a shorter journey time than I used to, and it was possibly cheaper. 

Sure it was convenient but every door shutting opens another ;) 

*Seidla half full 

         Travel to FrankFURT by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-01 06:36:07

Heh...allow me to hijack the discussion. I lost my German driver's license in Minneapolis at Christmas 2017. I dropped it, as opposed to having it taken from me, I mean. When I got to Las Vegas, I went to the German Consulate, thinking they could help me out. have to RETURN TO GERMANY to get a replacement. (He also told me about how the Mormons are taking over Nevada politics, criminalizing prostitution...but I digress...)

So, since I had decided to stay for a bit, I resolved to get myself a Nevada license. The permit card was easy enough via written test (though it took weeks to arrive in the post IIRC), but the license...ridiculous. There is a 6-week backlog when you apply online to take the driver's test, which was necessary in my case because I wasn't surrenduring a valid US or other license.

There is a "standby" list if you go in person, in case someone doesn't show up for their appointment. But people CAMP OUT OVERNIGHT to be first in line, and whenever I went an hour or so before it would open, I would end up about 12th in line. And they normally don't get through 10 or 11 in a day. 

Long story short, I never got one. And I eventually lost my permit card, and never managed to get it replaced, though my passport, which went missing at the same time, did turn up again. When you think YOUR DMV has problems, be thankful you never have to deal with Nevada's. And don't even THINK about complaining about the German equivalent; they do a remarkable job.

Anyway...I never got round to travelling back here to get my Fuehrerschein replaced til September. And it took two visits, spanning two hours or so over a week. But...I flew from LV to Toronto, had an afternoon there, then a stop in Halifax.

DO NOT STOP IN HALIFAX. They be strange. And it tends to fog in, which it did the night I was laid over, and so my flight from there to FRA was subsequently delayed. I think it ended up being 36 hours or so. And there USED to be a direct flight from LV to FRA. 

Anyway, only a few thousand dollars for a replacement license. Well, that and some other things I had to clear up. I got stopped numerous times whilst driving without a license in Vegas, and only got a ticket once, even with no valid plates on the car. I guess that's Driving While White. No, not a guess, I know it is.

The legal trouble I ran into...a very strange couple of cases. It was fun, actually, when I got pulled over a couple of times, watching the cops scroll through my info on their monitors --pointing and laughing-- and then they would simply hand me back my passport, and send me on my way.

Someday, I'll get around to writing my whole story up. People seem interested in it, when I tell bits of it. Even hardened Vegas natives. One Uber(sic) driver said she'd stand in line for hours for it. We'll see.

           Travel to FrankFURT by  Jason on  2019-02-02 05:41:03

I’ll be honest nick, no point beating about the bush, watching from afar it started as an interesting story but it turned into a nightmare from what I heard. We all go through things and later look back and go wtf was I doing, but glorifying is not the way I would go. People on here were
genuinely concerned for your wellbeing. Perhaps what was communicated from your side on various media was embellishment or maybe our interpretation was skewed. Either way, put it down fo experience and move on. 

Just my opinion, and it’s worth only as much as the next man’s. But humility is a strength, and a skill. And perhaps it will help you get your life back on track, if that’s what you want. You are of course free to do as you please. 

             Travel to FrankFURT by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-05 02:16:28

Meh. It is what it is. I've been on the internet since before the WWW existed, and in all that time, I have usually taken a sort of half-serious -to- antagonistic role. In the process, I have posted all kinds of stuff that might have been off-the-wall to some. And I never used to use emoticons or smileys or whatever. It was up to the reader to determine whether I was being serious or not.

So, maybe some of that applies to what people may have read of what I tweeted back then. At any rate, I'm still with my wife, for the time being, though that may well change quickly. We've been together since 1991, and change is difficult. But she is very understanding.

Whatever you might read in the press about what press didn't get certain key things right. The security people at the casino in question was out to get me (crazy as that sounds) for some reason. Or they are incompetent. Or both. And the police only acted on what they told them. It will all come out in time.

I took a plea deal to get out of dealing with the expense and stress of a trial by a jury of my peers who would likely have turned out to be batpoop crazy themselves and want to simply put a middle-aged white guy with an anger management problem away, especially after the Oct 1 2017 mass shooting there. (Or the jury might have been dominated by disadvantaged African-American single mothers...that would've worked out much better.)

Anyway, thanks for being non-judgemental! I have to write it all down as part of processing it all. So it doesn't get forgotten, and to stop my worrying about it all getting forgotten.

       Travel to Franken by  Barry Taylor on  2019-01-08 08:20:50

Always willing to try something new and I like trains more than aeroplanes.  Can you point to me where I can find a €70 fare please?  DB quote some ridiculous fare.  In the meantime, I'll take a look at the Seat 61!

         Travel to Franken by  Barry Taylor on  2019-01-08 08:39:00

Cheapest on Seat 61 is London to Bamberg €129 single - that's a lot of bier!

           Travel to Franken by  Johnratcliffe on  2019-01-08 20:23:36

There used to be a special fare on the DB website called London-Germany or something similar. My beer buddy did it a couple of times for €49 each way. However, he had to take the Eurostar at around 6am. Not much use if you are coming from North Wales, unless you have somewhere to stay in London. Coming back, the times were easier. I could have actually made it back up to Newcastle the same day. 
Shame about Ryanair,only took the Manchester flight once,seemed pretty full. Times are horrible flying out of Stansted.

             Travel to Franken by  Barm on  2019-01-09 02:50:20

The beer at the microbrewery in Munich Airport is usually OK, it’s the 45 minute trek into the city centre on the S-Bahn that’s a chore. If you have the time, an overnight in Munich is pleasant enough, if you can push to the back of your mind that in Franken you’d be paying half as much for better beer ;)

               Travel to Franken by  AndyH on  2019-01-09 02:58:39

If overnighting in Munich, Weihenstephan might be a better bet than the city centre, it's a lot closer to the airport.

                 Travel to Franken by  Doug on  2019-01-09 11:57:00

Try Gasthof Lerner in Freising.  If still available it is very close to brewery. 

                   Travel to Franken by  Carl on  2019-01-12 20:03:55

I usually stay in Freising the night before my flight out of Munich to the US.
I've always stayed in the Bayerischer Hof.
Prices aren't bad, and it's right in the middle of town, and is a nice place.
Usually busy, but I've been able to call on the same day and get a room.
If there's more than one of you, ask for room 321, and if it's available, they'll probably give it to you.  Top floor, multiple rooms.
Fairly easy walk (easier bus) to Weihenstephan, or to Hofbrauhaus Freising.
(I'm not sure if the Hofbrauhaus has a taproom, but the beer is served in the small pub next door.)
I/we normally take a cab to the airport, although I think a bus is available.

                     Travel to Franken by  Mike on  2019-01-13 04:22:03

There is a direct bus to the airport and unlike the cab, it is free (I've used it for years and never paid nor was never asked to pay).

                     Travel to Franken by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-13 05:27:22

Another decent option is staying in Regensburg the night before.  My wife and I are doing that in May.  Our flight isn't until 15:50 though.  I noticed this morning looking on the DB website that there is a regional train that goes direct to the airport from Regensburg and takes 1 hour 18 minutes.  I don't know if an RE train going direct to the airport is a new thing or not?  I assumed you'd have to get off in Freising and take Bus 635 over to the terminal but it seems the bus isn't necessary.

                       Travel to Franken by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-13 05:34:11

And yes that RE line also stops in Freising so you could take that instead of the bus.  It's a few minutes faster. 

                         Travel to Franken by  Mike on  2019-01-13 05:45:12

That's complete nonesense. According to your earlier message the train takes one hour and 18 minutes. The bus takes 21 minutes from Freising. Also you need to pay for the train, but not for the bus.

                           Travel to Franken by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-13 06:06:46

Your reading comprehension sucks.  Obviously I meant that the train from Freising to the airport is a little quicker than the bus from Freising to the airport.  About 4 minutes according to the DB website.  But yes you are probably right that you need to pay for the train.  I just thought it interesting that this option now exists.

But way to look for an argument where none exists.  Typical Mike.

                             Travel to Franken by  Barry Taylor on  2019-01-13 06:42:10

Now, now.  Please, just give the sage advice that this site is famous for.

As it happens, my flight gets in at 16,30, which gives me enough time to get to Bamberg (or wherever).  I'm not fussed about Freising, etc. and have been to Regensburg (once was enough to everything).

So, thanks for all the ideas, always appreciated.

                               Travel to Franken by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-03-01 01:11:01

Going back a bit...without re-reading the back-n-forth above, I would say that in 13 years of living in Erlangen, two day-trips to Regensburg was all I needed. Never felt the need to return.

And that's living in Erlangen, where of course the beer and life in general was so horrible, that I should have wanted to get away to superior places as much as possible! (sarcasm)

                             Travel to Franken by  Mike on  2019-01-13 09:15:18

No. You talked about staying in Regensburg and going to the Munich airport from there, not from Freising. Secondly, according to Wikipedia, ( the train from Regensburg goes to the airport every two hours. The bus, OTOH, leaves about every 25 minutes. Regensburg is a nice city, but so is Freising which also has some nice beer opportunities.

I've always stayed in Freising and thoroughly enjoyed it.

                               Travel to Franken by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-13 09:40:28

Meh I was about to type a longer reply to this but it just isn't worth it.  Life's too short to allow oneself to be drawn into stupid and pointless arguments.  My posts were pretty clear.  You have to be intentionally obtuse to misinterpret them.

I'm sure Freising is every bit as lovely as Regensburrg.  We're lucky to have options.


                                 Travel to Franken by  Jason  on  2019-01-13 11:34:30

Whilst Freising is pleasant enough, it’s a convenience stop rather than a visit in own right. But  Regensburg has much more to offer, including on the beer front - Kneitinger is a classic for starters. The area around is very beautiful and also chock full of breweries. 


                                 Travel to Franken by  Mike on  2019-01-14 00:02:42

I'd really appreciate it if we could have an adult discussion without the personal insults.

                                   Travel to Franken by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-14 04:53:23

If you would like to have an adult discussion then I suggest in the future you ask for clarification when you misunderstand somebodys post or think you disagree with them.  Leading off with "That's complete nonense" in a reply to a post that you completely misunderstood is not conducive to polite conversation.  If you cannot understand this then I cannot help you.

                                     Travel to Franken by  Jason on  2019-01-15 00:48:51


                                       Travel to Franken by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-01 06:16:13

Me too!!!1!

                                         Travel to Franken by  Mark Andersen on  2019-02-01 08:15:16

haha!  Yes I recall. 

A new version of the #metoo movement?  

                                 Travel to Franken by  Mike on  2019-01-14 04:21:38

If time is a consideration, you might stay in Munich. You could buy an Airport-City-Ticket (€13) which would give you a full day in Munich on public transport and then take you too the airport. After the day in Munich, you'd have until six hours of the next day to go to the airport. I think it's a no-brainer if you spend the day traveling around the city.

                               Travel to Franken by  Andrew H on  2019-01-14 05:02:10

Interesting, I had never thought of using Wikipedia to plan journeys in Franconia/Bavaria. I have been using Bayern fahrplan and the VGN planner.Doh! What a dope I've been.

                               Regensburg to Munich Airport by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-14 06:48:06

BTW, for what it's worth, the train from Regensburg to Munich Airport goes every hour not every two hours as Wikipedia suggests.  This according to DB's website.


           Travel to Franken by  Gunnar H on  2019-01-09 03:10:39

That's the 1st class Sparpreis. But as always with Sparpreis tickets, you will have to shop around various dates to find the best fare. I picked a random date in May and was offered the low fare on a connection including the direct Frankfurt-Bamberg RE. BahnCard gives you a further discount even on Sparpreise. The Saver Fare Finder on the site will find the best fare per date - apparently now starting at 69.90 €.

         Travel to Franken by  AndyH on  2019-01-09 03:01:37

Euostar have a sale on at the moment. Selected departures between London and Brussels or Paris are £29 each way.

The biggest issue might be the cost of getting from the North West of England to London.

           Travel to Franken by  Johnratcliffe on  2019-01-09 07:18:39

Getting £63 for London-Bamberg for random dates in May/June. This is on 

 Sepp Schmidt of Kathi-Bräu dies  by  Barm on  2019-01-03 07:25:38

Josef “Sepp” Schmidt, the owner of Kathi-Bräu, died on 22nd December at the age of 80.

Can't find a source other than this post on Facebook, unfortunately.

   Sepp Schmidt of Kathi-Bräu dies  by  Jason  on  2019-01-03 09:48:46

The long and short of it is that the family will decide whether they will continue the brewery (with the son) or not. 

 Wolframs-Bräu, Wolframs-Eschenbach by  Jürgen Wening on  2019-01-03 06:19:07

Bought beer at the fabulous new little brewery at Wolframs-Eschenbach which is run by the former owner of Brauerei Rothenburg, Andreas Falk. Very good stuff. At the moment there's unfiltrated Kellerbier for sale (top fermented!) but soon the first Pils will also be available.

 Rauchbier at Klosterbrau by  Mark Andersen on  2019-01-02 05:50:45

I just saw on their FB page that Klosterbrau is releasing a Rauchbier to be served from the barrel on Jan. 5th and 6th.  I'm very curious to hear how this turns out.  Jason, I don't know if you're back from Jersey in time to try this?

   Rauchbier at Klosterbrau by  Jason on  2019-01-02 05:59:32

Well spotted Mark, I had heard it was coming but good to know exactly when. I am back in Bamberg and will have a try either Saturday or more likely Sunday which is stärkantrinken in Bamberg. We have to drink a beer for every month in 2019 for luck. Strictly speaking bock Bier, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. 

10am start in Spezi - will head to Klosterbrau at some point and let you know. 

 Prost Neujahr! by  Barry Taylor on  2018-12-31 09:31:49

Thought that you might like this from my friend Norbert in deepest Eschawo!

Wo der Stern den Weg uns weist...
...und uralter Kommunbraugeist
des echten Zoigls Herkunft speist,
folgt man der Tradition im Kern
und dem Stern nochmal so gern.

   Prost Neujahr! by  JP on  2018-12-31 11:10:33

Prost, alles Gute and greatest luck for the ride into another unknown!

And THANKS for the help earlier this month. Returned some days ago from 11 days in Franconia and looking to go back around mid February. I've drank somewhat too many beers, yet I enjoyed each one in great company!

 Yuletide and 2019 by  Barry on  2018-12-23 09:04:24

To wish all my friends and fellow forummers a very jolly Yuletide and a happy and peaceful 2019. Here's hoping for many meetings in Franken and many Seidlas!

   Yuletide and 2019 by  Jason on  2018-12-23 11:56:45

Thanks Barry, same to you! I have the feeling ‘many meetings and many seidlas’ is not in any doubt my end. 

Tomorrow I head to Brittany by train with a 10litre barrel of fest bier from Kaiser in Grasmannsdorf, a 5 litre barrel of Spezi Lager and 2 bottles of Herren Pils. It’s almost starting to sound like new lyrics for the 12 days of Christmas. The walking part of the transfer from Paris Est to Paris montparnasse stations will be a challenge. 

     Yuletide and 2019 by  Barry on  2018-12-24 01:07:57

Wow, I thought you must be going by car until I read the last bit! Hope that it all went well - taxi?

   Yuletide and 2019 by  Mark Andersen on  2018-12-24 04:42:32

Same to you Barry.

Looking forward to getting back to Franken next year.  Late July is a definite at this point.  Possibly May.

 Christmas visits by  Mads Klinkby on  2018-12-19 11:55:13

My yearly christmas escapades will unfold from 27-30 dec. at following venues:

Sternbrau schlusselfeld (New)

These below I have mailed without any answers. Do any of you guys know what they normally do between christmas and N.Y.?:

Lowenbrau Buttenheim
Hummel Merkendorf
Hohn Memmelsdorf (Really wanna try their heller bock)
Will schederndorf
Hubner wattendorf.

  Cheers, Mads

   Christmas visits by  Mark Andersen on  2018-12-19 12:22:38

Well you won't get a reply from Krug in Geisfeld.  They are closed permanently due to illness as of about a month or two ago.

   Christmas visits by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2018-12-20 00:05:02

Brauerei Hummel is open. They offer

Löwenbräu Buttenheim has closed

No information about Höhn in Memmelsdorf, but I believe they have a big hotel the restaurant will be open.

     Christmas visits by  Mads on  2018-12-20 22:37:02

Thanks a lot Gerhard.


 Brauerei Reuter closed by  Jürgen Wening on  2018-12-19 03:14:18

Very, very, very, very, very sad news! Brauerei Reuter in Unternbibert stopped brewing at the beginning of December. That means: A fully workable ancient brewery with coolship etc. was closed. The amber coloured Vollbier was very special and unbelievably good, if drunk fast enough not to go bad... that also means, another one in my region is gone. The Wirtshaus at Unternbibert serves Hofmühl now. Gosh.

   Brauerei Reuter closed by  Jürgen Wening on  2018-12-19 06:54:59

I just phoned them up but could only get hold of the blabla machine. It says, the brewery will be modernised and rebuilt. So, hopefully, we'll get Unternbiberter Bier again in the not so distant future. 

 Stachelbier  by  Jason  on  2018-12-13 08:00:26

I have decided to take a trip to the mountains tomorrow, staying in the excellent Bürgerbräu Bad Reichenhall. It's been snowing the last few days and the forecast is to be sunny so Saturday will see some 'winter wandern'.

First stop tomorrow though (or rather second stop as I'll have a beer in Traunstein) will be Augustiner Brau Salzburg. Right now they have their bockbier which I have never tried and their very seasonal (4 days) Stachelbier which is also new to me. The latter is their maerzen beer, I think a 33cl served in a 50cl glass, and a red hot poker is inserted for a few seconds into the beer (yes, the beer). The result is a maltier, caramalised beer which I reckon is a similar, much less labour intensive, alternative to steinbier. Any residual sugars in the beer caramalise. Whilst the beer is warmed it is only a slight change, so don't confuse this with Glühbier (or the beer warmers in Franken, which are definitely not the same). 

I can quite happily sit on one of the many beerhalls and drink just their maerzen, so having a choice of 3 beers will be a treat. I will report back tomorrow - maybe someone has had stachelbier somewhere? 

   Stachelbier  by  TreinJan on  2018-12-13 11:22:35

Lahnsteiner Bock, at the Festival der Bierkulturen in Köln, a few years back. Liked it (but liked the original as well).

   Stachelbier  by  TomM on  2018-12-14 14:40:32

I lived in Minnesota in the early 90's. Every February, the August Schell Brewery in New Ulm held an outdoor Bock Fest. They would put a red hot poker into your bock beer if you wanted. I didn't know that it was a traditional thing from the old country. It's very cold in Minnesota in the winter. A warm, malty beer was very nice!

     Stachelbier  by  Jason on  2018-12-15 09:57:56

I think everything comes from ‘the old country’. Or at least most innovations have been dove before. I should say the beer shouldn’t be warm... just the head is warmed. 

I enjoyed a couple of these yesterday. It was the Bockbier they used which makes sense. As expected the beer was maltier and somewhat caramelised (in a subtle way) but also the bitterness was extenuated. Anyone who cooks with beer knows that happens. 

The regular bock was less bitter - a fantastic drop I must say, much better than most Bamberg bocks, benefitting from a rich malt body and not  at all sweet. Augustiner remains one of the finest drinking establishments in the world. I’m going back now for round 2. 

       Stachelbier  by  Mike on  2018-12-17 02:37:42

Was that Augustiner in Salzburg? If so, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

         Stachelbier  by  Jason  on  2018-12-17 06:04:57

Yes indeed. I spent 3 very pleasant evenings there and on the 3rd night shared a table coincidentily with a group of Franconians from Erlangen area who spend every 3rd Advent there. They invited me on their fast train back and also to come along next year. 

Gave me an extra hour of drinking - bonus!

       Stachelbier  by  AndyH on  2018-12-17 04:20:02

Augustiner salzburg is amazing!

Brauhaus Gusswerk, near salzburg, makes a Steinbier.

   Stachelbier  by  Andrew H on  2018-12-19 07:46:50

It sounds a great trip, I am very envious. Enjoy! Young man.

   Stachelbier  by  Andrew H on  2018-12-19 07:46:50

It sounds a great trip, I am very envious. Enjoy! Young man.

 FeWo recommendations by  Carl on  2018-12-11 20:17:08

My wife and I are thinking about a month in Bamberg, maybe starting in mid-September 2019 until mid-October.
Could I get some lodging suggestions?
I think Barry has a place East of the Bahnhof he likes, but I couldn't find it for some reason.
Would consider a second bedroom if not too much more, for potential visitors.
I've been to Bamberg on bier trips at least six times, so this is not an uninformed thought!

Thanks !

[ What ever happened to the place just across the street from Klosterbräu?
It appeared it was a very reasonably priced hotel, but it was not available (undergoing renovation?) in 2018.) ]


   FeWo recommendations by  JohnRatcliffe on  2018-12-12 00:37:26

Weve stayed here for the last 8 or so years. Just behind the Fassla. Both fewos are 2 bedroom, downstairs one is a bit nicer. Lovely hosts. 

Ive also stayed at fewo Albert. I believe a number of forum members have used this one. 

   FeWo recommendations by  Gerhard Schoolmann on  2018-12-12 03:12:06

As a local I have not personal experience, but guests of the Café Abseits have recommended:
east of the Bahnhof.

   FeWo recommendations by  Barry Taylor on  2018-12-12 09:24:23

I had to think where east of the bahnhof is!  To be honest, I rarely stay in Bamberg now - in November, I stayed in Frank's place by Sandstrasse, which is very convenient for Schlenkerla and the city in general.  Other than that, I can't remember the last time I stayed in the town, preferring to stay in the little towns that dot Franken, specially ones near the rail line.  It's so easy to get into town from that situation and it's much cheaper.

Bamberg isn't really a late night destination (for me anyway, others may differ!) and the trains run fairly late.  

     FeWo recommendations by  Jason  on  2018-12-13 01:54:22

Have to disagree here. There is very little appeal for people who want to visit Bamberg to stay in the stix. Bamberg IS a late night destination (others certainly will differ) and by contrast, life in the villages shuts down at 10pm latest. Even when here you're a rare visitor to Bamberg - constantly shuttling back and forth with trains isn't going to appeal to most visitors who do wish to visit most days. Plus if I really wanted to save money I probably wouldn't go on holiday in the first place. 

I know it suits your lifestyle, budget and preferences, but you know that they are not going to be shared by most visitors. 

       FeWo recommendations by  Mark Andersen on  2018-12-13 04:41:02

Barry, I can't help but think that you meant to say that you're not a late night person rather than Bamberg is not a late night destination.  Because the latter certainly is not true and that's been well chronicled on this forum over the years.  In fact, over the years since I've been visiting Bamberg has only grown as a late night destination with more late night bars than ever before.  It's even gained some renown for it's cocktail bars not just beer.  Not that I care much about that but other visitors (like my friend Ingmar) and plenty of locals seem to dig it.  

Anyhow it remains for me the best base of operations in Franken and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  There is plenty to do at night even after the breweries closed for those that want to carry on with plenty of good beer to be had.  Rotenschild, Catwheezle, Stohrenkeller, Am Galerie, Torschuster, Der Pelikan, Der Schwarze Shapf, the place with the burgers, places that Jason has shown me that I can't remember the name but could find in a fog, and on and on and on.


         FeWo recommendations by  Mark Andersen on  2018-12-13 04:42:15

.... and forgot to mention but should have Cafe Abseits.

           FeWo recommendations by  JohnRatcliffe on  2018-12-13 08:50:46

Personally, Id always stay in Bamberg, but then Im a city guy. What I love is a hard day out in the wilds of Franconia, then a couple of nightcaps somewhere in Bamberg. 

     FeWo recommendations by  Barry Taylor on  2018-12-13 09:49:15

I think that I'm being tracked by the Bamberg Tourism Politzei - I'm going to be careful going to the Red Lion on this dark night.

I think that you chaps seem to have missed my rider:

 for me anyway, others may differ!

I put that in because I knew that world would descend on my poor head   I'm really surprised at your comment, Mark, you must recall my last really late night in Bamberg?  (All day hike, Memmelsdorf Strassefest, Catweazle, carried home, Judenstrasse, nasty wooden staircase, blood pouring from shin - oh no, you were fast asleep on the couch by that time!).  Not to mention Rotenschild a few weeks ago, Jason, earnest 'discussions' about basket ball, etc.

Happy really to leave it to the youth!


       FeWo recommendations by  Mark Andersen on  2018-12-13 11:14:57

Too funny.

Well I'm glad you lived to tell the tale Barry.  I thought I would need a cattle prod to wake you (and Bill actually) the next morning errr I mean afternoon.  

Enjoy the Red Lion.  

         FeWo recommendations by  Barry Taylor on  2018-12-14 05:04:55

Thanks but only just survived.  Moral of the story: don't try to compete with the 'big' boys - day or night!

It was as excellent as usual, with 'Old Trip' in good form.. Howeverr, we started with a couple in my new local 'The Black Cloak', which Maps tell me is 450 feet (120 meteres?) from my front door.  Too near for safety.  They've got a cute little one barrel mini-brewery in which they brew their standard session pale ale at 3.7% but very nice and tasty.  Then two more handpumps, which usually feature Heavy Industry beer (that's where the owners come from).  My US-friends would feel at home because it's really designed like a minature US-pub with a wall full of keg taps - looks quite ornate, even if I won't be trying them!

They also brew a bright beer i.e. fermetned and then stored in tanks under CO2 - not filtered and strong enough at 5.7%.  I tried a sample and it was quite tasty but oh so fizzy!  The decour is unfussy but pleasant and the owners are very friendly and chatty.  An excellent acquisition for the Bay and Colwyn's East End.

     FeWo recommendations by  Carl on  2018-12-17 07:51:08

Thanks for the recommendations !

Barry, I may have recalled your name in error; I know someone was talking about  a place near a church East of the Bahnhof!  I think it's the one Gerhard mentioned in this thread (St. Henry's Corner).


       FeWo recommendations by  JohnRatcliffe on  2018-12-17 09:42:16

Is that out in Wunderberg? Or is my sense of direction completely shot?

         FeWo recommendations by  Carl on  2018-12-17 09:51:00

It's about 700 meters NE of the Bahnhof (isn't Wunderberg down by Mahr's?).

           FeWo recommendations by  JohnRatcliffe on  2018-12-18 01:11:20

Yes, so in the opposite direction to Wunderberg(where there is a big church). Guess there are plenty of churches in Bamberg!

       FeWo recommendations by  gavin on  2018-12-17 22:45:37

hey carl, i was the one to recommend this great place , have been a very regular visiter to this fewo since 2006. Have become great friends with the owners, they are wonderful people. please give then a call with any questions they speak perfect english.

   FeWo recommendations for the whole country by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-01 05:56:29

Which website's the best? A couple I've used recently just ended up pointing me to AirBnB. Is that the new Thing now?

I'm suddenly tired of the place I've been staying in Schin op Geul, Limburg, NL, though it is cheap at 35 Eur a night, considering it's new and modern, if that's your thing. If it weren't the dead of winter, it'd be different, as Mrs was there in the summer and said it was full of wonderful vacationing Dutch.

 Very good news - new brewery! by  Jürgen Wening on  2018-12-03 01:55:06

Andreas Falk, formerly owner of Brauhaus Rothenburg o. d. T., has opened a new brewery plus Wirtshaus in Wolframs-Eschenbach, just 8 km away from my home village. It's called Wolframs-Bräu. I'm going to visit it this week and will write a short report.

A new one in Mittelfranken - that's just great! 

   Very good news - new brewery! by  Jason  on  2018-12-03 02:33:11

Very good news indeed Juergen! Especially the Wirtshaus, that's an exception. Look forward to hearing the report and will try and get down there soon if it's positive!

     Very good news - new brewery! by  Barry Taylor on  2018-12-03 02:49:40

Oh goody, another one to view.  Hope it's better than the other Wolfram (Eschawo)!

       Very good news - new brewery! by  Jürgen Wening on  2018-12-03 03:35:15

I guess the beers will be similar to those formerly brewed in Rothenburg. And they were fine! Well, and the Central Franconian Wolframs-Eschenbach is the birthplace of the famous medieval minnesinger Wolfram von Eschenbach. Yes, he was Franconian, too! 

         Very good news - new brewery! by  Barry Taylor on  2018-12-03 05:54:33

Wasn't every great historical figure from Franconia? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Seriously, I've just looked the place up on Google maps and scanned through the photo's.  Suddenly, I feel an attack of memory coming on!  Didn't we go through there on that day out when we went down to Wettelsheimer Keller? 


           Very good news - new brewery! by  pivnizub on  2018-12-03 09:19:31

There was 'til 2005 a brewery called  "Gentner-Bräu" in Wolframs-Eschenbach... Does anybody know, if the old brewery will be "reanimated" now?

             Very good news - new brewery! by  Jürgen Wening on  2018-12-04 00:58:29

It won't. The building's still there but with a huge hole in the wall where the equipment was brought out. 

 Buttenheim by  Jason  on  2018-12-02 02:16:16

Yesterday morning I had the oportunity to visit Löwenbräu in Buttenhiem. It's been years since i've been in the tap. The beer was fine, better than I've had it outside the tap but still there are many better examples. 

St. Georgen Brau pub is closed until they find a new tenant. 

Today i'm going to Brauerei Martin in Schonungen. One of those much better than Löwenbräu. 

   Buttenheim by  Jürgen Wening on  2018-12-03 01:52:03

Martin in Schonungen is great. Have a Spezial on me, please!

     Buttenheim by  Jason  on  2018-12-03 02:34:45

I did indeed, very nice dunkler doppelbock too. 

The beer garden in summer is one of the nicest anywhere - this brewery comes highly recommended with good train/bus (or walk) connections. 

       Buttenheim by  Barry Taylor on  2018-12-03 02:53:10

Does this hide under another name/place, as I can't find it in the directory?  Maybe I'm just being a bit thick (no comments please).

         Brauerei Martin by  moleha4 on  2018-12-03 03:30:31

Brauerei Martin is listed under Hausen-Schonungen.

           Brauerei Martin by  Barry Taylor on  2018-12-03 05:59:06

Gosh, I've even been there - with Juergen, of course!

I'm going to have to ry to list where I've been and not been - getting confused in my dotage.

       Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  Barm on  2018-12-03 02:58:01

Good train/bus connections? I must have missed those. One bus every hour and a half or something, isn’t it?
Is there a bigger beer garden out the back? I have only been in the Stube.

         Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  Jason  on  2018-12-03 03:17:03

Yes, you must have. Train/Bus connections every hour and the two are connected so the journey time is 1hr - 1hr10. In Franconia, that's generally a good connection, particularly when you're on holiday and you're flexible. 

If you look at the images on their website you'll see the garden at the back. 

         Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  Mike on  2018-12-03 04:24:21

Look at bus line 71. Seems to run more often.

           Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  JohnRatcliffe on  2018-12-04 05:02:37

Is this out of the range of the VGN? Surely doesnt extend as far out as Schweinfurt?

             Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  TreinJan on  2018-12-04 05:17:04

The last station on that line in the VGN is Oberhaid. You could use a Bayern-ticket.

               Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  JohnRatcliffe on  2018-12-04 07:03:58

Thanks Jan, thought it was out of range. 

                 Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  Jason  on  2018-12-05 01:15:33

Not 'out of range' John :) There is something called the 'Franken Hopper Ticket' actually which makes the return journey cheaper, c. EUR11,80 for 1 return or EUR23,60 for 2 return. Of course this doesn't include the bus so a Bayern ticket is probably more convenient and you can visit Goeller in Zeil (and Oberhaid!!!)f you wish or get the Bayern Karte on the Saturday and then use for something else on the Sunday.

You're well aware of all the options so not sure why i'm giving you the detail, but I recommend a visit in any case, especially in good weather. 

                   Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  JohnRatcliffe on  2018-12-05 01:25:43

Hi Jason,
   Didnt know about the 'Franken Hopper', though as you say, the weekend Bayern Ticket would be better. Suppose Ill have to go to Oberhaid one day.....

                     Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  Jason  on  2018-12-05 03:45:17

No... you really don't. Although JUST in case it's improved I'd rather someone else took one for the team than me. I've done my time. 

Though I've heard Mark and Andrew are fans...

                       Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  Mark Andersen on  2018-12-05 11:01:09

Andy is a much bigger fan of Oberhaid than me.  He even drank my seidla before I had a chance to savor it.

                     Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  Mark Andersen on  2018-12-05 11:02:40

John if you do go to Oberhaid I recommend watching the movie Deliverance first to get you in the mood.

                   Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  TreinJan on  2018-12-05 03:39:51

BayernTicket weekend?

                     Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  AndyH on  2018-12-05 04:21:20

Possibly means the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket?

The only difference in the 
Länder-Ticket at the weekend is that you can travel before 9am (AFAIK).

                       Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  TreinJan on  2018-12-05 05:00:25

SWT is also a one day ticket (saturday OR sunday). Maybe the confusion is with the VGN Tageskarte.

                         Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  AndyH on  2018-12-05 06:05:18


                           Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  JohnRatcliffe on  2018-12-05 08:04:05

S-W ticket is for the whole country is it not? Only on regional trains, of course and is for Saturday OR Sunday, but not both. Same with Bayern ticket, but just Bayern. VGN weekend ticket is Saturday and Sunday. Fantastic value.

                             Brauerei Ulrich Martin, Schonungen: (was: Buttenheim) by  Jason on  2018-12-06 05:28:56

Correct, my mistake getting them muddled up. 

   Buttenheim by  Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on  2019-02-05 02:20:51

When was the last time people debated whether the beer's the same there as in the Keller? I've forgotten whether anyone ever convinced me that the right answer was right.

Lovely tavern IAC.

     Buttenheim by  AndyH on  2019-02-05 02:52:50

On my two visits to Buttenheim I've never managed to make it to the keller. Still managed to visit when the tavern was open on the first occasion and loved it. The tap on the wall for the beer, the seidlas with metal lids, great.

 Klosterbraue  by  Jason  on  2018-11-23 04:41:56

I refer to our estemmed colleague Barry's comments regarding his Braunbier at Klosterbraeu a few weeks ago. I don't dispute his experience, just reflecting my own. 

I did the underground Keller tour in Bamberg last week, under the Stephensberg. It was interesting if a little boring when you already know a lot of the beer history (it was focussed on the Bamberg brewing tradition). Anyway, afterwards we went to eat at Klosterbraue. The Croatian Igor was behind the taps and as usual his tapping was exemplary. The Kellerbier was very very good, as was the bockbier. Overall a very positive drinking experience. 

I was talking with Florian Merz on Wednesday and he said that all the beers are brewed at Klosterbrau... he asked the brewer himself. I've heard equally credible opinions to the contrary so I'm none the wiser really. 

Finally, yesterday a friend had A NEW RAUCHBIER that Klosterbrau have brewed from the tanks. It will be ready in 14 days - a very positive development, albeit perhaps commercially driven in an attempt to lure some customers away from Schlenkerla and cash in on the association of Bamberg with rauchbier. 

I will report back when I have tried it. But the take over by Kaiserdom is cautiously looking positive, albeit a shame they couldn't do this as an independant brewery. 

   Klosterbraeu  by  Jason  on  2018-11-23 04:44:05

Sorry, predictive text... Klosterbraeu 

   Klosterbraue  by  Uncle Jimbo on  2018-11-23 08:57:09

I am at Klosterbräu now. The Kellerbier has good flavor, but the body is thin.  The Bockbier is good, typical maltiness with light sweetness.

i asked about a Rauchbier, but they said they don’t have one.

The food menu is mere shadow of its former glory.

     Klosterbraue  by  Jason  on  2018-11-23 10:40:22

I wrote that the rauchbier won’t be ready for 14 days. 

       Klosterbraue  by  Barry Taylor on  2018-11-24 03:34:19

Interesting comments from my equally estemmed colleagues!

However, I was talking about the Braunbier, which neither Jason (or Jimbo) sampled.


     Klosterbraue  by  AndyH on  2018-12-04 05:55:27

I won't be viviting again until October next year. However, I've read that the Kellerbier is significantly different enough from the rest of the Kaiserdom Kellerbiere to indicate that it is not brewed at Kaiserdom?

No doubt the truth will out if it is.


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