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Current situation re openings / conditions
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2020-05-22 07:36:51
Actually, Jason, I think that we agree on more things than we disagree.  You know my views, so won't repeat them here (one eye on Fred!).  I hate this trying to drive a wedge between generations - as it happens, most of my more recent friends are a lot younger than me, probably because I don't have the same life style as a lot of septuagenarians.  I feel desperately sorry for young people trying to get a foothold in life.  I know what it's like - I was born before the end of WW2 (just) and life was pretty hard tfor most of my young life (this is going to sound like the 'Yorkshire' sketch), we were in our 30s when we bought (somehow) our first little terraced house in Leeds and I've been out of work a number of times.  Ok, you can dry your eyes now.

I don't know exactly what it's like living in Franken or Germany in general so I can't comment in detail.  But I do know that there are a lot of poor people, even among my friends.  However, Bamberg seems a pretty prosperous place.

I'm not sure what exactly I said 6 weeks ago - it's been a pretty changeable situation and we've been lied and mislead so much (can I say that Fred?) that it's been hard to know what to think.  I actually came home from Spain nine weeks ago and have been in strict lockdown since (plus the week before when I was in Sevilla, making 10 altogether) and this Forum (plus others) has helped me to retain a little bit of sanity, I hope.  

On beery matters: I cannot see life being the same again for a long time - if maybe ever but perhaps that's over pessimistic.  Some pubs will not survive and, certainly, in the UK, it will be difficult to enjoy the sort of pub life that we had before.  The young will continue to want to go out - if they can afford it - but I think that a lot of people of my generation will be quite wary, given the morbidity rate among 60 plussers. 

Enough for now!  Sorry if I've stretched your rules, Fred.
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