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Bierhaus Bamberg
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-20 05:19:43
on the Obstmarkt has opened. Next to Café Zeis in what used to be the Irish pub. I'm sat outside near the water feature, as the inside isn't open yet. 

First impressions is it's tourist focused, as one would expect in this location. Prices are high as well, at 3.80€ a seidla, but there's a good choice of (mainly bottled) beers from around Franken. Nothing really special I would say, but I imagine there would be a lot of beer visitors who would want to spend an afternoon 'ticking' off some hard to reach breweries. The draft beer is Mahrs U, Kessmann Herren Pils, Huppendorfer Vollbier and Fässla lager. Bottled beers are from Bamberg and beyond eg Rittmayer, Weiherer, Held (a highlight), Wagner and Hummel, Krug, Knoblach and even Neder Export. 

I took a Herren Pils which isn't blowing me away, probably a little old as the tap isn't opening right now. But you can tell fhe taps are new as the pour is very good. Like I said, I can get a lot of what they sell for a fraction of the price from the supermarket, and I'm not a fan of drinking bottled beer in pubs. But for the visitor, its probably somewhere that would be interesting. For those on here who visit often, I think it would only be of passing interest. 

Shoild they get some more interesting draft beers my opinion might change. But still, would I rather come here than Spezi, Schlenkerla or some of the other great watering holes around? Competition is tough. 
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