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Bierhaus Bamberg...back to Erl@ngen & K!tzm@nn
Posted by Nick B (ex-ErlangerNick) on 2020-05-21 07:23:04
How long ago might that have been? I used to hear stories of MPs (US military police in case someone doesn't know) busting heads randomly outside taverns in Erlangen and/or at the "Berch", but those days are long gone, as is the US Army.

Kitzmann? Who'd have thought?

PART of why I'm so fond of Kitzmann is from our (Becki & my) earliest days living there. Yes, it's not Bamberg, Yes, it's not the greatest brewery. Yes, Erlangen is nothing for tourists aside from those with an interest in their Hugenot heritage or wanting to see where MP3 was developed...but it was our new home. It was unique. It WASN'T where all the tourists went.

When we used to travel to Europe as American tourists, we enjoyed visiting places off the beaten path. Brugge, Amsterdam, Cologne, Duesseldorf, Munich and Vienna, yes, we spent time there, but also overnights in Koblenz, Wuerzburg, and even the dreaded Erl@ngen. We'd do day trips to small towns, to try to experience life outside the crush of tourists. Not that this has owt to do with the topic at hand, I guess I'm just writing for the sake of writing. Like the guy talking to himself in the corner of the pub, or even the dreaded pub bore.

Anyway, when we were looking at moving to Franconia for B's job at adidas, I started scouring the web for things about the area. Kitzmann came up, obviously, as did the Bergkirchweih/Berch. adidas put us up for 7 weeks in Herzogenaurach whilst we waited for the shipping container of our household stuff arrived ("don't ship anything irreplaceable in it like photos or documents, since containers can be dropped in the harbor during loading, or can fall off into the sea during a storm, take them with you on the plane", we were advised), during which time we tooled around by bus and train. They also gave us a company car, but were we going to drink and drive???

One weekend, we ended up exploring Erlangen a bit to find Kitzmann's Hoffest (brewery yard fest) going on in October or so. We had a hell of a fun time there, hearing stories and learning about Erlangen from locals (in English, this was before I learnt my Deutsch) and I kept my Masskrug with its elaborate Kitzmann decorative emblem. I still have it.

I embarrassed B tremendously by carrying it around with me, and certainly would have emptied it before getting on the 201 bus back to Herzo. (That reminds me, the old me used to get on her about calling it "Herzo", as that sounded too American...what a tool I am! No wonder so many of you can't stand me!) But we were a bit pissed and struggled to find the right bus stop outside what would eventually become the Arcaden. A nice girl walked us around to the right Haltestelle.

That Masskrug is in storage now, along with 52 years' worth of my life's accumulated crap, including a drumstick from Chad of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, from a concert in like 1988 or whenever he replaced their first drummer. They were still playing clubs at that point, before they made it big. Including my hand-built desktop computer and hard drives, on  which are Ninkasi-knows how many videos from German TV that I subtitled and loaded up to my old long-lost youtube account.

Meh. Back to working on my Java online course. Online thanks. Give me the old, pre-internet, print periodicals and books way of learning I was lucky enough to benefit from.

Oh, I never made it in that Irish pub either. I am impressed that Barry did. Das Bierhaus sounds like a nice addition. Bamberg is certainly a lovely place. Germans are lovely people, even die Franken. (Sorry Juergen!) 
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