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Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-20 01:30:53
Barry I don't think I've ever heard you 'bang on about Ebensfelder beer'. In fact I recall you often saying it's one of the negative sides of being there (not bad, but not special). In recent visits you've praised the Keller, rightly so. And I don't think the beer has always been good, certainly going back a few years it was not highly regarded. 

I do recall you saying how good a place ebensfeld is to stay (for you) and the many breweries in the area that are relatively easy to access. You also really like the place you stay and the people who run it. 
         Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-05-20 02:44:06
           Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Jason on  2020-05-20 05:23:27
             Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-05-20 07:25:00
               Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Jason on  2020-05-20 09:46:16
                 Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-05-20 13:27:45
                   Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Jason  on  2020-05-21 01:37:03
                     Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Andrew H on  2020-05-21 01:45:37
                     Gambrinus by FredW on  2020-05-21 06:55:15
                       Gambrinus by Andrew H on  2020-05-22 00:31:39
                         Gambrinus by Jason on  2020-05-22 05:57:04
           Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by David Greenlee on  2020-05-22 13:15:33
             Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-05-22 13:26:25
                           Gambrinus by Andrew H on  2020-05-23 01:04:18
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