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Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-20 05:23:27
Just a gentle wind up Barry. But the point was that what I had from the bottle was excellent not in relation to what it was, but in relation to local breweries. If it was always that good I would rate it in my top 5 Kellerbiers. I might go to the Keller on Friday to test it out. Maybe I was just caught up in the moment. 
             Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-05-20 07:25:00
               Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Jason on  2020-05-20 09:46:16
                 Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-05-20 13:27:45
                   Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Jason  on  2020-05-21 01:37:03
                     Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Andrew H on  2020-05-21 01:45:37
                     Gambrinus by FredW on  2020-05-21 06:55:15
                       Gambrinus by Andrew H on  2020-05-22 00:31:39
                         Gambrinus by Jason on  2020-05-22 05:57:04
                           Gambrinus by Andrew H on  2020-05-23 01:04:18
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