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OT: Beers of Europe
Posted by Carl on 2020-05-16 08:59:10
If you get a chance, stay at the "hotel" on the grounds of Saint Bernardus.
We stayed there once, and:
Great room;
Great breakfast;;
Bikes available for rent;
Very rural area, flat, very little traffic, easy to ride;
Only about 10 miles from Westvleteran (St Sixtus) and their fabulous restaurant, allegedly the only place you can buy their beers;
Interesting Hop Museum in nearby Popringe;
Lots of WWI history all around.

St Bernardus used to make the beers for St Sixtus, until the "Trappist Organization" told St Sixtus they had to brew their own to sell it as Trappist beer.
St Bernardus Abt 12 (and maybe their others) are almost the same recipe as Westvleteran 12.
We had a side-by-side tasting at St Bernardus, and they are VERY similar.
         OT: Beers of Europe by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-05-17 03:21:59
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