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Which breweries ~3,5%-4% would you like to try?
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-10 06:17:11
I'm not quite sure why Eichhorn would have to "redial considerably"... care to elaborate? Their Kellerbier is very hoppy (less than Griess though). The dunkel is a masterpiece and if done well, could potentially be reproduced at 4,5% (think it's around 6% now). 

I don't really have an angle on this question... any brewery could brew a beer at 4%, I don't see some being better at it than others. I don't see the skills or techniques here to be honest. Maybe it's to do with decoction mashing but Czech lagers are just so much more maltier than even Franconian beers. It gives it much more body, allowing generous hopping without you ending up with a Herren pils. 

Ive never been quite so enamored with Witzgall as some people seem to be. Don't get me wrong it's a good beer. But I just don't get excited by it. Scharpf are always good, but again, I'm not sure why they would be any better than any other brewery. 
       Which breweries ~3,5%-4% would you like to try? by Nor on  2020-05-22 03:26:20
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