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Which breweries ~3,5%-4% would you like to try?
Posted by Nor on 2020-05-22 03:26:20
In my imaginary I've started with one of a breweries beers trying to extrapolating a lower strength version. Not thinking of a brewers skills or other beers. I'd expect Eichhorn to produce a fantastic ~3,5% one, as as you say the Dunkel kinda offers itself.
My thoughts started with the Eichhorn Kellerbier, which is excellent, and far 'leaner' than many other Franconian Kellers in my opinion. Some beers are 'fat' in that they offer much space for batch variation and shine regardless, either due to sturdy build or fall-back components. From my experience and lots of mind roaming licence, these beers tend to be easier to move in strength. Leaner ones are far more non-linear. But thats all hypothethical deluxe speculation to grow interest!

Curious to know who else is open already, Jason. Monchsambacher, Griess, .. all still seem to be closed. Roppelt (Stierliembach) appears open, maybe Lieberth too? Would make a nice cycling trip!
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