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Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2020-05-20 03:01:43
From talking to you and other U.S. beer experts, I get the impression that the new wave of craft breweries from - when, the 1970s? - really created a new market based not on the older diehard drinkers of fizzy-pop beer but young people looking for something a bit different.  Of course, some of those young people are a bit longer in the tooth now (no names, no pack drill) but the marketing that I see nowadays still seems aimed at a younger market and one that tends to be more eager for experimentation.  There's something about the high gravity beers that seems to appeal to younger people.  I don't know whether it is seen as a challenge - something like the way we used to boast about going out and drinking copious quantities - but I see it specially in my local micro, 'The Black Cloak', which somehow manages to balance being a place that attracts the younger 'craft beer' enthusiasts as well as a few of us old codgers.  Almost without exception, the younger clients drink the high gravity craft beers while the older ones favour the lower gravity cask ales.

I know in the Red Lion, which has, in general, an older clientele, there is a tendency for the older generation (most of my drinking companions) to favour the well-known brands, some of which are really a pale shadow of their former selves.  But one or two of the older breweries still retain more than a vestige of their old quality: Timmy Taylor's and Fuller's (even with the Ashai takeover) come to mind.  It's just a pity that Sam Smith's don't sell beer away from their own pubs, of which there are, sadly, none in North Wales - or maybe it's not.

But, yes, it's also true in Britain that recent developments have thrown up (unfortunate choice of words!) some outstanding new breweries - Kelham Island, Purple Moose, Stockport and Joule's (revived) come to mind easily among my favourites but there are plenty more. 
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