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Spezial Zwickl-Pils - Local pick help?!
Posted by Jan on 2020-04-22 13:35:22
Oh, Spezial filled their Zwickl on bottle again at the window.
Any local who'd be ok for picking up a crate and ship it over?

Schlenkerla sells crates of their beer in shipping boxes at their window. I'm paying for a crate for whoever picks it up, so you could reuse the karton box for shipping. + shipping obviously.

Hold out Bamberg!
   Spezial Zwickl-Pils - Local pick help?! by Jason on  2020-04-22 22:01:51
     Spezial Zwickl-Pils - Local pick help?! by Jan on  2020-04-25 12:33:33
       Spezial Zwickl-Pils - Local pick help?! by Jason  on  2020-04-27 21:24:21
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