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OT:Home delivery
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-04-02 05:01:57
As my FB friends will know, my delivery from Beers of Europe (UK -based) arrived yesterday afternoon - took 6 days, which I don't think is bad in the present circumstances, and no breakages. 

Lots of yummies: Chimay red, Mort Subite Gueze, Orval St Bernardus abt 12, Rochefort 6, Westmalle Tripel and ..... 6 bottles of Schlenkerla Maerzen!  Guess which I drank first last night?  Ok, not a hard question, of course, a bottle of Maerzen.  Slightly disappointing (Jason has posited his doubtless correct views on FB) but certainly sweeter than vom Fass, less stridently smokey (I didn't get that 'Wow, why the hell am I drinking this?' that I get normally on the first Seidla) but still good enough to remind me of the Schwem and happy days (& one or two sadder ones). 

Followed up with a little bottle of the Chimay red: nice but so lively that I lost maybe 10% on the floor - must be more careful next time.

Overall, it was definitely worth doing and made a good accompaniment to watching 'To Have or Have Not' (inferior rip-off of 'Casablanca' but still great but, then, I am a Bogie fan!).

For images see FB, I can't figure out the method here, sorry Fred..
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