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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-04-04 04:08:33
Times are hard, any talk is better than no talk!

My pen'north comes from colleagues when I used to work in Arras about 25 years ago!  Arras, of course, is really in a beer drinking area; I've still got the card from a lovely bar in nearby Douai, 'Taverne Le Minck'

You could have 'Biers au Tonneau' (sounds much better than a la pression, which has connotations) in either a petite flute or a grande flute or chose from the 'Bieres Speciales Belges', with a choice of 40 bottles, including all the Trappistes, lots of Gueze and Kriek, and even Lindeman's Faro. In Arras itself, there was a cafe that claimed to sell a different beer for each day of the year - i was not there long enough or often enough to get past a couple of months.

The manager of the highway department where I worked was from Brussels and, thus, drank beer and wine.  But the real expert on wine was a colleague whose annual holiday was a trip down to the Rhone valley, with a car full of wine containers (can't temember the name for them, now).  His advice was 'If you're in doubt, you'll never go wrong with a Cote de Rhone - it might not be the the best wine in France, but you'll never be let down!'

I've followed his advice ever since and I've never been let down! 
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