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Corona Bamberg brewpubs
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2020-03-19 02:31:18
I can answer You.

In the law, § 7 Gaststättengesetz


the Gaststätten (pubs and restaurants etc.; only the british law makes a difference)
has the right to sell "Nebenleistungen" (fringe benefits) to their guests,
The products:
Getränke und zubereitete Speisen, die er in seinem Betrieb verabreicht,
Flaschenbier, alkoholfreie Getränke, Tabak- und Süßwaren
This means: draft beer is not allowed to sell " über die Straße" (take away).
Selling bottle beer, non alcohol drinks, food, tabacco an confectionery is allowed.
And Yu can do this also after the time, when the pub is closed (but only within the regular curfew before the Corona restrictions-).

Some brewpubs and pubs do this now:
Greifenklau (they offer special dishes)
Volksgarten (they aloo deliver)

In practice it may be difficult to close the pub and open the "shop" for the allowed products without confusing the guests. In the most cases the pub is the same room as the shop (the difference is only an idea, a legal mind game. It is not legal to draft a beer for the waiting customer.

The Schlenkerla has a stall in their beergarden. The customers order and a waiter brings him the food from the kitchen..
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