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Ehingen (Donau): and you think the opening times in Franken are bad
Posted by Jason on 2020-03-03 03:59:53
I'm not really sure this is so much the case any more if i'm honest. If you're driving/being driven, then yes, but if on foot or public transport you've probably planned the schedule to the last details. There aren't many places in the countryside where a place being shut just means a short stroll to the next one. Closing times/days have become more complex over the years and if say your first place isn't open upon arrival at noon and your second place doesn't open until 4pm then you've got problems. Places with 2 breweries aside. Nor are buses that frequent, assuming there's more than 1 that day even.

Plus if it's one of your favourites, you would have done something else, so as someone on your only trip that year you're going to be frustrated to say the least. Kellers help in summer of course. 

At the end of the day, if there's a note on the door saying "sorry, taken ill" then clearly that's understandable. But if it's a planned vacation or simply "weil der Wirt zu faul ist" then you're going to ask why they couldn't add a note online too. It's not much to ask. 
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