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Brauerei Neder
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-02-21 04:51:01
Good to hear such lovely things about my favourite Franken hostelry.

I've visited many times, firstly with Jacqueline, then with friends and often on my own.  I've never had a bad experience and I've talked to lots of people in the usual mixture of hopeless German and often hopeless English.

Last time that I was there with the Hon. Andrew (hope that you're ok, Andy?), we got into conversation with an unlikely looking pair of chaps.  But they spoke good English and were good company - good enough that we ended up missing the bus and train - gosh, was Andy annoyed!

I wish that I'd have started learning German a bit more seriously when I first went to Franken/Eschawo but that's life and the same could be said for Czech and all the other countries that I've spent time in.  Now struggling to familiarise myself with a bit of Spanish in preparation for a month in Andalucia - seems easier than German but isn't everything?

I can only admire Jason's persistence in pursuit of his dream!
     Brauerei Neder  by Andrew H on  2020-02-22 00:27:40
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