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OT: Prague questions
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-02-23 04:26:44
Just one piece of advice, Jimbo.  Get Fred's e-book and work your way through it!

One of my ambitions has been to find places that Fred doesn't know and, believe me, it's bloody difficult.  I've stayed in areas that Fred hasn't (I think) and scoured back streets and alley ways (ok, so that's my normal holiday technique) and virtually every time that I think that I've found somewhere new, blow me, Feed's been there first.  Ok, I have found one or two but there usually places that Fred knows about and just hasn't got around to going in.

I'm as interested in places as beer (well, it's about 50/50, I suppose) but I tend not to go in places where I think the beer's not going to be worth bothering with, unless I have a really good reason (like wanting a beer, for example).  Thus, Hrocha, U Tunelu, and the like, as well as a few places that some my friends wouldn't want to venture into!  But I do make exceptions: one of my favourites is Na Palme - the place is a bit 'divey' but very friendly and they sell excellent Uneticke pivo (beer mat right at my hand) and not at an inflated price.  but they also have a wide range of more modern stuff. 

One of my ambitions has been to find places that 'ordinary folk' drink in, which has led me to one or two odd places at the end of tram lines.  Unfortunately, most turn out to be Gambrinus outlets, and the beer not kept too well (it happens Jason).  I suppose it's a bit like my home town of Manchester: possibly unrivalled for pubs and beer variety in the centre (okay, I know people will argue about that) but take a tram or bus out to where I come from (huge housing estate called Wythenshawe) and there are some terrible pubs with awful beer!

I'm not especially interested in 'modern' beer styles but, unfortunately, many of the new bars, particularly brewery taps and those with brewery connections, tend to be brewing ales(as that Russian brewer explained to Fred and me, they are much cheaper and easier to brew than lagers) .  Maybe I'm just parochial, but, after trying so many, I've rarely found any that are especially better than the plethora of new ales that I can drink within a few hundred yards of home,.

IMHO, it's the one area where Franken scores over Czechia .  There are scores of really good local lagers that can be found in a small area, and usally very well made.

Enough, this is a Franken forum!
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