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OT: Prague questions
Posted by Jason on 2020-02-23 06:57:14
I would say that Franken scores also in it's overall drinking experience. I love the 'spit and sawdust' pubs in Prague too, but they can be a little repetitive. Mainly men, often sport on tv or music and rarely architectural gems. There's much more 'life' in Franconian establishments. Families, women, young/old. Beautiful beer gardens and century old buildings. It's not something I contemplate, but theoretically I could still enjoy a soft drink in a Franken beer garden, but I would probably go to a cafe in Prague. When the weather is good, Franken wins. I'm not knocking Prague, just giving Bamberg etc a fair trail :) 

The comparison with Manchester is quite a good one (though it's some years since I've been). On a cloudy rainy day I'd like nothing better than tour pubs... but when the sun is out, I'd want to be in the lakes or Peak District. That's kind of the Franken equivalent maybe. 

Speaking of weather, spring can't come soon enough here. Horrible grey skies and wind/rain the past weeks. Already planning a winter vacation next year. 
                       OT: Prague questions by Barry Taylor on  2020-02-23 11:40:36
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