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OT: Prague questions
Posted by Jason on 2020-02-21 04:59:38
His second edition is 2016... he is working on a newer version but it will be 2021 before it's out. I wouldn't contact him on FB personally. 

Knowing Max a little personally, he and I are on similar wavelengths on what constitutes a good pub, and which Prague pubs fit into that category. Therefore he won't mention a pub just because it has 20 tap handles. But he will mention ones that definitely won't be on trip advisor, but serve the best glasses of Pilsner Urquell or (to a lesser extent) Gambrinus you can get. 

That's the thing about Prague, if I was to do an itinerary for a first time visitor, I would of course include new places, but the traditional pubs are crucial to understanding more about how Czech's drink their beer and enjoy their pubs. They're deep rooted in tradition and the social fabric of the people. It's personal preference of course, but I would always prefer drinking in U Hrocha than in Beer Geek for example. 

If you're coming from the States especially, the craft scene isn't really going to surprise you. Good stuff for sure, some very good - the quality of the raw materials and brewing experience shines through - but what Prague offers is something you almost certainly can't get easily in the US. Namely, exquisite pilsners at low alcohol, freshly and expertly tapped, and historic pubs that, at times, make you want to leave your phone in your pocket. They are rarely beautiful like Schlenkerla or Mahrs, but they have soul in abundance. 
               OT: Prague questions by AndyH on  2020-02-21 05:19:12
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