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OT: Prague questions
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-02-21 05:09:34
Endorse everything said by learned colleagues.  It was really Jason who motivated me to visit, which ended up with me being as smitten as he.  Pity you can't go in May, as I'll almost certainly be there then.

I can't recommend Fred's e-book highly enough - I've been to a good slice of the places in it and found the descriptions of both the beer, places and locations incredibly accurate - I've also had the honour to contribute a few places myself.

As Jason said, the public transport is fantastic, I don't think that there's a nook or cranny that you can't get to by tram, bus or metro.  BTW, it's only free if you're over 70 and I don't think that you've reached that age yet, Jimbo!  Sadly, I have but at least it means that I can travel freely by tram all over Prague, which is wonderful.  Very often, I've just picked some place at the end of the tram line and rode there just for the pleasure of the experience.  

I wouldn't dream of staying in the centre of Prague - in fact, I tend to keep away from it now but, of course, on a first visit, you have to see more than just the inside of a bar!  So, I've stayed in Holesovice, (3 times - nice area, not so may pubs), Klamovka (not recommended), Vrsovicka (very nice), and, last time, Krymska (probably my favourite).  They're all a few kms from the centre but 20 minute-ish by tram or metro.

Likewise, to the others, I'd be happy to give you my personal experiences, I think that you may have my email address or you can get me on FB.
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