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OT: Prague questions
Posted by Jason on 2020-02-25 01:48:50
Yes, it's fine, but due to it being used a lot by students it's rather busy and can be quite hectic. I wouldn't compare it to Greyhound (or at least some of the people I encountered on greyhound) but for a little more money the DB IC Bus (free WiFi, leather seats, all round more comfort), would be my recommendation. Luggage goes in the hold. I've never had to share two seats with anyone. Last trip cost me 20€ one way. You can also book your ticket through to Bamberg and just connect with the trains. DB IC has a regular service throughout the day, whereas FlixBus doesn't. You can find this out on the respective websites (for DB just enter Prag-Bamberg as if you would for trains, and the coach option appears). 

All coaches terminate at the Nuremberg ZOB, a 5-10 minute stroll form the HBF. 
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