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OT: Prague questions
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2020-02-21 07:47:46
Prague is a great place to start for a beer vacation!!  Bamberg is my favorite city in the world but when it comes to beer Prague is second to none IMO.  It's got it all.  Old school pubs with tradtional beers from long standing breweries and fantastic atmosphere, newer breweries brewing traditional styles to perfection, "craft" breweries that do a pretty damn good job of it, beer bars all over the place serving a plethora of beer styles brewed around the country, etc., etc.    I don't think anyplace I've ever been does a better job of blending the old school with the new age when it comes to beer.

It's become a fairly regular visit for me and again in November. 

Everyone has pretty much covered the topic well So some of this is a repeat but what the hell it's February and not much better to do than talk about Prague.

I wouldn't stay in the center for several reasons.  It will unnecessarily cost you more.  Public transportation is so good (as Barry said) that it doesn't really matter too much where you stay, and the crowds in the center can be annoying.  I did stay in the center last year with my wife and it was somewhat annoying to have to work our way through the crowds each day when for the most part we were visiting places outside of Old Town.  Although New Town is not so bad.  Just don't stay near Old town Square, Charles Bridge, etc.  Unless you don't mind the crowds and paying more.  I won't do it again.

I've taken the bus from Nueremberg 3 or 4 times and its fairly convenient when coming from Bamberg.  Just cross the street to the ZOB from main station and look for the stand with the DB sign.  If I were coming from south (i..e Munich airport) I'd probably to what Barry suggested and take the train.

I second what Jason said about making sure you visit one of the old school places.  Like U Hrocha or one of my favorites U Zlateho Tygra.  If you go to the latter I highly recommend you get there 10-15 minutes before it opens and wait in line.  The place bangs out quickly and this will ensure you get a seat.  The waiter will ask you if you have a reservation when you walk in.  Say no and he'll show you where to sit. Then just wait for the beer to flow and flow it will. I love watching the server work the room there.  It's a clinic in pouring and serving beer  Delicous Pilsener Urquell on tap there and U Hrocha. 

I wouldn't steer clear of the craft beer bars.  I enjoy them personally and find the service in them very good.  And plenty of good beer to be had both craft beer styles but also traditional styles.  I know places like Beer Geek aren't everyone's cup of tea but I've always had a good experience in those places. 

You almost can't go wrong.  The only problem is not enough time to visit everyplace you'd want.  Like Jason said, it's a treasure trove.

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