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New Opening - beer store
Posted by Jason on 2020-01-12 07:35:39
The owner of Strawanza has openend a beer shop in the judenstrasse where the former butchers was. It's very basic but he has an interesting range of bottles for 2€ (it's aimed
at passers by wanting a beer to drink either there or on the way to wherever - a Weg bier as it's known). Therefore prices are higher than normal but he has eg Grieß, hölzlein, huppi, will, Eichhorn, Fischer Freudeneck, Ott, plus the usual Bamberg breweries. Most in a fridge. Im sure the range will change and reflects the range he has in Strawanza. 

On Saturday's he has a 10litre barrel on. Yesterday it was Fischer and was excellent. There were a few of us drinking and chatting beer, very pleasant. Now I'm not really sure the rules here. Yesterday I had a sample and then after invitation 3 seidlas. When I asked if I could use the toilet he said sure, but it's not really for customers. And when I paid he said it's 'probier bier' and it's free. So clearly they aren't committing yet to draft beer otherwise they would have to make the toilet more accessible etc plus other bureaucracy no doubt. He left before I had time to establish what the precedent is, as I don't want to just turn up on Saturday's and drink for free. But I would like to drink interesting beers and pay. 

Anyway, might be worth a mosey if you're passing. I'm 100% sure it'll last longer than landbierhaus on Lange Straße which lasted 3 months I think. The location is perfect with tourist groups in Klosterbräu and people going to and coming from the Keller's. 
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