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Krug, Geisfeld
Posted by Jason on 2020-01-02 22:17:37
It seems that the new brewer/tenant of the brewery has pulled out of the deal to take on the business at the last minute, leaving Stefan Krug with some 9000 liters of beer and nowhere to sell it. Sundays 'grand opening' is no longer taking place. 

I don't know any details but I was skeptical (albeit hopeful) that someone with apparently little experience of running a day to day pub/brewery business was able to take on this job. It seems something of the realization of that task must have hit home over the festive period - a shame it wasn't a few month's earlier. 

The search continues I presume... 
   Krug, Geisfeld  by Nor on  2020-01-03 06:02:00
     Krug, Geisfeld  by Jason on  2020-01-03 10:58:55
       Krug, Geisfeld  by Andrew H on  2020-01-04 02:10:51
         Krug, Geisfeld  by Jason  on  2020-01-04 07:54:12
   Krug, Geisfeld  by Kim Lund Johansen on  2020-01-20 11:30:27
     Krug, Geisfeld  by Jason  on  2020-01-21 01:36:29
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         Krug, Geisfeld  by Jason  on  2020-01-22 01:47:31
           Krug, Geisfeld  by Mosquit on  2020-01-22 21:51:20
             Krug, Geisfeld  by Jason on  2020-01-23 00:17:34
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