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British Faults
Posted by Carl on 2019-08-22 07:22:34
My €.02.
I've travelled a bit in Europe and the British Isles (we try to stay out of big cities).
My impression of the countries is based on "do they think like me".
I've thought I could determine that by many conversations in English and German.
So far, I've felt the Irish and Germans (particularly Bavarians) think like me, and British (including Scots), Italians, French, Austrians, Scandinavians, Benelux, have a "different thought process".  Czechs are in-between, probably closer to Bavarians.
It's not that anyone is right or wrong, but how "at home" I feel.
I'm from North-Central USA (North Dakota), and probably people from other parts of the USA would have different impressions.
The majority of immigrants in this area were German, followed by Scandinavian.
I understand the "exotic" statement in Jason's post, but I have made friends in Europe I will visit again, and who have visited me in the USA.
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