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Your 4 fondest Franconian beers
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-06-30 08:50:26
Very, very, very difficult to limit it to just four.  In no particular order

1.  Golden Ochsenbrau in Spielbach - I like the beer a lot but the atmosphere for me puts it on the list.  Sitting down at a table with the grandmother and paying is an experience all unto itself.  Besides if I didn't include this on my list Juergen would rightfully be dissapointed.

2.  Hoffman in Hohenschwarz for the Dunkel

3.  Lindenbrau in Grafenberg - nice village, classic place, great beer, their own malzerei across the street.

4.  Roppelts Keller - a lot of people disagree with this but sorry it's my favorite beer keller and I love the beer.

The list could just go on and on.  Hoefen, Pferdsfeld, Moenchsambach, Spezial, Schroll Reckendorf, etc, etc.  My top 4 will probably change in the next 5-10 minutes if I keep thinking about it.

And just thinking about this reminds me why I'm going back every year.

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