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Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl
Posted by David on 2018-09-12 14:28:03
Hi Boys. I hope Life is treating you good. A buddy and I will be in Bamberg the second week of October. We are visiting Nurnberg for a day. There appears to be many places to have a bier. Can one of you guys reccommend a nice place to drink with a good selection of biers and a nice local atmosphere? Thanks/ Danke David
   Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by Jason  on  2018-09-13 01:43:14
     Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2018-09-13 04:29:53
       Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by Barm on  2018-09-13 06:37:24
     Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by John Ratcliffe on  2018-09-13 08:56:51
       Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by J├╝rgen Wening on  2018-09-14 00:19:50
     Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by David on  2018-09-14 02:27:20
       Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by Barry on  2018-09-14 02:58:12
         Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by Steve T on  2018-09-16 12:10:22
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