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Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2018-09-13 04:29:53
I recommend the three locations closed to each other and close to the Burg (castle), worth a look)::

Café Wanderer / Bieramt, nice seats outside

Hütt'n, a beer restaurant with a nice selection of beers, the most beers from Mid Franconia

Altstadthof, a brewery with destillery (p.e. whiskys)
Their onlineshop five an impression of their producs:

If You want to taste regional craft beers:
Kater Murr (near the railway station)

Mr. Kennedy, a pub. The owner with this name; is an American who has studied brewing technology in Munich. Together with an american friend, also brewmaster, he has founded a brewery brand NBG (New Beer Generation). They use contract breweries (Binkert in Breitengüßbah.
       Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by Barm on  2018-09-13 06:37:24
         Nurnberg Pubs and Braustuberl by Steve T on  2018-09-16 12:10:22
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