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Podge R.I.P.
Posted by Mat Wilson on 2018-08-22 09:40:48
I'm sure a few of you cross borders and drink the occasional beer. 
It has been a sad week for us, with the announcement of the death of the Belgian beer stalwart, Chris Pollard, known to one and all as Podge.
Anyone who has been to any of the major Belgian beer festival will be familiar with the whirlwind of noise and colour that was Podge, as he arrived on his whistle stop tour of the fest before moving the  group all on to the next obscure Flemish or Walloonian cafe of bar.
He was one of those characters you meet as you go through life, who was utterly charming, and you couldn't help but be taken in by his enthusiasm for all things Belgian, be it Beers or Battlefields. I never got to go on one of his legendty Beer Tours, but I ran in to him on a regular basis all over the place. 
My sympathy goes out to Siobhan, his partner and everyone who knew him better than I did. We have lost an absolute legend this week. Rest in Peace Podge. I'll be raising a glass to you tonight.

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