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Kulmbacher Bier Woche
Posted by barry on 2018-08-06 03:19:25
Thanks Gerhard, that's a useful list of products to avoid!

The way that products from these 'labels' flood mosts Trinkmarkt is really noticeable and I suppose is the reason that most people in Franken drink this stuff.  And, of course, it's very cheap, even by Franken standards.  And probably tastes ok to the non-discerning drinker - sorry to sound like a beer snob! 
         Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2018-08-06 04:10:06
           Kulmbacher Bier Woche by barry on  2018-08-06 04:46:39
             Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Carl on  2018-08-06 06:55:33
               Kulmbacher Bier Woche by barry on  2018-08-06 08:52:27
                 Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Nick Cowley on  2018-08-07 01:59:02
                   Kulmbacher Bier Woche by barry on  2018-08-07 04:24:42
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