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Kulmbacher Bier Woche
Posted by barry on 2018-08-07 04:24:42
Yes, I thought of that.  It's a concept that hasn't changed much over, literally, centuries, via the old jug and bottles that I used to see in my youth (sadly).  I was really thinking of the German Trinktmarket concept, which we don't have so much in the UK, apart from the high street 'Bargain Booze' and the like.

Generally, speaking, big supermarkets don't tend to have separate departments, as in Germany but the big companies tend to dominate the shelves in supermarket booze sections, except where local distribution agreements occur, such as Conwy Breweries in my local Morrison's.  You're certainly right in your final maxim, which was at the heart of Camra's early attempts to remove ties, where possible, but has had a odd effect in the pub and brewing business.
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