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"Real" ungespundetes Kellerbier
Posted by BrianW on 2018-08-03 13:17:42
I have been reading through the archives and I know that ungespundetes Kellerbier has been a favorite point of discussion over the years. To me it is like a time machine to 19th century German lager brewing when beer was racked green and then lagered in wooden kegs and were left unbunged until close to the time when they would be served. Based on what I have read (e.g., John Conen's book) these days most Ungespundet is lagered in big stainless tanks with spunding valves (technically "gespundet" as he says).

I recently came across a series of three videos where the Shelton Brothers (American beer importers) tour the brewery and Bierkeller of Brauerei Büttner in Untergreuth. In the middle of the second video (around 5:35) they remove the bung and leave the kegs open to the air and say that the beer will be a "real ungespundetes":

I also came across the website of the Hobbybrauer Himmelkron e.V. where they show their Kellerbier fermenting in open kegs:

"Ein typisches, oberfränkisches, untergäriges Kellerbier, kupferfarben, naturtrüb und ungespundet bietet es einen vollmundigen Genuss. Der verwendete Aromadoldenhopfen verleiht dem Bier eine angenehme Bittere. Nach traditioneller, offener Gärung und anschließender Fassgärung reift das Bier von Februar bis Pfingstmontag im Fass."

So, are there any other breweries that you know of that make "real" ungespundetes Kellerbier?

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