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Real ungespundetes kellerbier
Posted by Jason on 2018-08-06 03:58:38
I'm not sure if it is like Zoigl. The Zoigl Kommunbräuhäuser as far as I know didn't have any fermentation space / lagering kellers. Therefore the wort is fermented and lagered in the cellars of the villagers. 

Hausbräubier (again, I'm not an expert) is fermented and part-lagered in the brewery and then collected for the last few weeks of lagering depending on how long you wish to lager for. I will try and find out difinitively if this is the case. 
         Real ungespundetes kellerbier by barry on  2018-08-06 05:01:56
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               Real ungespundetes kellerbier by BrianW on  2018-08-07 09:55:56
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