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Real ungespundetes kellerbier
Posted by BrianW on 2018-08-07 05:06:33
Very interesting to learn about this 'hausbraeubier'. Makes me wonder if other types of beer are also lagered this way (open) by other 'hausbraeubier' brewers, since traditionally most beers were fermented and lagered this way and the cask was bunged for various lengths of time depending on how green it was when it was racked to the cask and how much carbonation was desired:   

I would like to try this myself, but you do have to drink it quickly. When you are the primary drinker of your own beer, it is hard to get through a 20 liter cask quickly enough unless you are having a party. This is why I haven't tried serving traditional cask ale or bayerischer Anstich. Bottling or kegging makes more sense for most of my beers, but makes me want to have a party and try it out.

As for yeast, if I had access to a professional brewery that had a staff yeast specialist and all the needed equipment, I would take advantage of that.  You can reuse yeast from batch to batch (I certainly do) without much equipment but long term it is a lot of work to do it right.

Yeast is the trickiest part of homebrewing Franconian beers.  Water profiles can be easily recreated. Weyermann malt is widely available, as are the right hops from the region. But as far as I know none of the German lager yeasts from the major yeast manufacturers are from a Franconian brewery--they seem to be from southern Bavaria. But I did just come across this yeast from a small yeast manufacturer that claims to be from a Franconian Brewery:

 I hope to brew with it soon and see how it works.  I wish I could find out what brewery it is from but they are usuall pretty secretive about those things.
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