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Real ungespundetes kellerbier
Posted by barry on 2018-08-07 08:32:55
It's the reason that I stopped home brewing - simply couldn't (didn't really want to) drink the stuff quickly enough.  Maybe I just don't have enough friends of the right type or maybe I should organise a Juergen-type party! 

I've troed searching for information on the process of preparing yeast for beer brewing, specially for botton-fermenting beers) but just can't find any.  Any ideas?

I could probably get some yeast from Eschawo but not sure how to get it home as it seems to come in a big bucket!  Maybe it could be dried in some way?
               Real ungespundetes kellerbier by BrianW on  2018-08-07 09:55:56
                 Real ungespundetes kellerbier by Jason on  2018-08-07 12:38:18
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