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Changes in opening hours
Posted by Mosquit on 2018-07-31 23:53:27
I have noticed on facebook several changes of opening hours (Knoblach is no longer open on Sunday afternoon; changes in Griess Keller, ..) due to "aufgrund einer Gesetzesänderung im Arbeitsschutz unsere Öffnungszeiten ändern" so expect that there were some changes in laws or something? 

Does anybody else knows about other changes in other pubs, so I could update it in my book? 

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   Changes in opening hours by Mike on  2018-08-02 06:44:07
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             Changes in opening hours by Barry on  2018-08-03 02:52:07
               Changes in opening hours by Jason  on  2018-08-03 03:04:44
                 Changes in opening hours by Gunnar H on  2018-08-03 04:34:08
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