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Anyone out there
Posted by barry on 2018-07-19 05:05:29
I know, I know, we did get shafted a bit but, to be honest, the choice in that area is not great.  As you know (probably), I don't like big hotels - no disrespect to you Mark for our last stay, it was an emergency, and you did a good job in saving the situation.  Ronnie recommended a pub in Amblecote (the Robin Hood, which he had never actually stayed in) but after three days of trying, I eventually got through to be told that they weren't letting rooms as they were fitting a fire escape, so that was that!

Canny, Jason, price has got something to do with it.  I don't intend to spend a lot of time in the room, lots of pubs to show Don, and the pub itself is worth a visit (forget the mild, we thought the bitter was ok untii we got to the B & B). So, in a way, it was a matter of the deveil you know, etc ...  I'll pass on everyone's heartfelt good wishes to Sam!  Maybe I'll get a bigger discount.
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