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Kulmbach Bierwoche
Posted by Kevin Holsapple on 2018-06-25 12:41:58
Thank you for the suggestions, John.

I plan the Tiefnellen to Strullendorf walk for sure.  I also found a Tiefneilen to Memmelsdorf suggested route that looks promising.

Thanks for the suggestion about Bad Staffelstein area - I found four suggested routes there at  --  would you recommend one route over another for either the beer or the scenery?

I enjoyed the Aufsess loop on a prior visit so probably won't do that one again this time.

Thanks for the Freizeitlinien-VGN tip.

An area that looks interesting is between Eggolsheim and Zentbechhofen, but I can't figure out how to make the public transit availabilities work with a day hike.
           Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-25 13:01:39
             Kulmbach Bierwoche  by johnratcliffe on  2018-06-25 13:25:05
               Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-26 10:31:55
                 Kulmbach Bierwoche  by johnratcliffe on  2018-06-26 13:24:19
                   Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Barry on  2018-06-27 01:34:21
                     Kulmbach Bierwoche  by J├╝rgen Wening on  2018-06-27 01:52:38
                       Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-27 06:03:04
                         Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-27 07:15:59
                           Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-27 07:16:19
                             Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Andrew H on  2018-06-28 13:50:06
                               Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-28 21:50:06
                                 Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Andrew H on  2018-06-29 05:55:45
                                   Kulmbach Bierwoche  by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-29 06:20:03
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