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OT: September Sorted Out!
Posted by barry on 2018-06-15 02:38:34
1. Jason, in part, it's your fault but I'm pleased that it was!
2. Sorry that you can't Tom, it's a good place to spend 8 days.
3. The Russian language has no word for 'lost'; the nearest is to be temporarily misplaced (don't really know if this is true, is there a Russian speaker out there who can enlighten us?).  I don't believe that I've ever been lost in my life, only temporarily misplaced.  But, then, I don't spend a lot of time preparing notebooks full of directions, etc., I'm very happy to leave that to others.  Nor do I mind asking directions or following those who prepare the notebooks - providing that I think it will be to my advantage.
4. If I can find ten pubs that I like, I'll happily spend 8 days in them.  I/we owe a debt of gratitude to people like Fred who wander the mean streets of our cities to reveal hidden gems.

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