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Enjoyable visit last week - mini report
Posted by moleha4 on 2018-06-05 08:33:31
Having deliberately planned my visit to coincide with Nürnberg's Franconian Beer Festival, it was a bonus that the first full day of my holiday was Sunday 27 May, and I was able to visit the Schmankerlmarkt held in Nürnberg's Hauptplatz (10,00-18,00 hrs). 46 stalls of which 10 are from local brewers, the others being bakers, butchers, chocolatiers etc. I drank beers from Gundel (2), Altenberger (2) & Schober(1) my personal favourite being the Gundel - Helles. With the weather being so hot, my plans to undertake lengthy hikes to 1 "brewpub" each lunchtime, and a second early evening  went by the board, so Monday I visited Mainlust in Viereth whose Vollbier I thoroughly enjoyed. Tuesday's excursion was to Kulmbach - I walked up to the castle (Plassenburg) which built up a thirst before visiting Kommunbrau Kulmbach for a couple of their Bernstein beers with my lunch. Wednesday was a full day, firstly walking from Bad Staffelstein to the top of the Staffelberg, then taking the train to Reckendorf to visit Schroll for lunch, washed down with 2 seidlas of their Helles. Good to find this place busy with locals at midday. On to N for the beer festival, stopping firstly, since the festival was not yet open, at the Balkon for a couple of beers from Nikl. Festival late afternoon  / early evening was less busy than I expected and I was able to get a seat at each of the stands. My favourite festival beer on this first visit was the Held - Dunkles Bauernbier. Thursday being a Holiday / Feiertag I thought that I would take in 2 new (for me) "brewpubs". However Leicht in Pferdsfeld had Betriebsurlaub of about 2 weeks ending yesterday, and Martin in Unterneuses had their Betriebsurlaub starting on 31 May through to 17 June. So lunch was instead at an Italian restaurant in Bad Staffelstein with a glass of Püls - Weismainer Kellertrunk (vom Fass). Friday, my last full day was spent at the beer festival, having picked up a blister on my heel in the hot weather, I did not want to risk a walk in the countryside - 7 beers enjoyed  - my favourites being Meister - Vollbier (thanks for the Tipp, Jason) and Hembacher - Stöffla. Hope to be back sometime next year...    
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