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Enjoyable visit last week - mini report
Posted by Carl on 2018-06-08 05:22:05
You guys must be in a lot better shape than me!
Our group of five from USA walked from Reckendorf to Ebing in April.
I'm from the flat frozen Northland, and we had a real cold and windy early Spring, so I was not able to get out and walk and bike (I hate gyms) in preparation for the trip to Bamberg.
I looked the hill up online, and think it rises about 400 feet.
The rest of our group was either younger or from warmer places, and didn't have as much of a workout!
We really enjoyed Schroll and the pub in Hofen.  Schwann wasn't great, in our opinion.
I think the pub in Hofen had an afternoon opening time of 3 PM. (Also open for lunch, I think.)
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