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Keesmann & melkendorf
Posted by jason on 2018-06-02 02:19:38
Keesmann have had some serious diacytel in their Herren Pils the last month. I pointed it out to Thomas (owner) at Torschuster some weeks ago and he sent a number of kegs back. The lastest batch is back to normal (at Torschuster) but a friend ordered a Pils in Stilbruch last night and it was the same. And I'm not overly senstive to diacytel; the beer was a mess. For a city that should know a lot about beer, Bambergers are really very ignorent. And it allows the brewers to make mistakes and 'get away with it'. I asked in the brewery (after mistakenly ordering one) if anyone had complained and the waitress of course said no. I can actually believe that. Be more like Thomas.

I am shortly driving out to Melkendorf to try the new Brauhaus Melkendorf brown beer. Then to the beer fest in Nuremberg. Will update later. 
   Keesmann & melkendorf by Mark Andersen on  2018-06-02 03:40:11
   Keesmann & melkendorf by Andrew H on  2018-06-02 06:07:25
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       Keesmann & melkendorf by Andrew H on  2018-06-04 08:18:50
   Keesmann & melkendorf by TomM on  2018-06-08 04:47:06
   Keesmann & melkendorf by Kim Lund Johansen on  2018-10-03 08:21:18
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