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Posted by rkat32 on 2018-06-18 04:56:52
Just a quick post to update on the day trip. I really enjoyed Neder - Schwarze Anna and the Export vom Holzfass were wonderful. Very cool, one-room, old-school Franconian vibe at Neder. Definitely, my kind of place. My stay at Neder was longer than expected so I decided to skip the trip to Witzgall and travel straight to Buttenheim where I visited both of the local Kellers. St. Georgen was the more scenic of the two, but both offered an idyllic biergarten refuge with decent, quaffable kellerbier. 

Thanks again for the assistance and the excellent travel tips. Looking forward to my next visit where I will most definietly fit Witzgall and the other Forchheim breweries into my plans. Prost!
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