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OT: End of Franken, on to Prague!
Posted by barry on 2018-05-08 07:31:36
To clarify the Honourable Andrew's comments (before we meet at the weekend): during last year's visit to Czechia, we discovered that we had a slightly different taste in pubs/bars/Gestatte etc.  Shall we say that, I quite like 'ordinary', no frills places, where food is not necessarily an option (apart from plain crisps and peanuts); as a lifetime observer of humanity in all its manifold forms, places that might be honoured with the epiphet that used to adorn a certain Sunday newspaper: All human life is there'!

Examples, for Franken, of course, Neder; for Prague, the newly discovered Pivo Klasterni; for the UK: The Bull and Bladder - you can rest easy Jason!

The description has nothing to do with the quality of the beer, which, of course, must be of the highest standard, such as found, mostly, in the above places.  Rest easy, chaps!
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