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Spezial Keller opening times
Posted by Jason on 2018-05-07 00:11:41
I mean, I'm getting a bit cynical I admit, but my recent experiences at the Keller have not been great; poor quality beer (it has improved), surly customer service and a general feeling that I have no recourse given the floods of people descending on spring/summer evenings.

However, I understand that they have to pay rent (they don't own the keller itself) and that food contributes a lot to the business etc. But they have to hold some responsibility for keeping tradition alive - a Sunday visit to the keller is almost a way of summer life here. I'm sure they could offset any small losses across the rest of the week I guess without all the facts I shouldn't be too critical. But they also close all day on Monday and take all manner of private holidays throughout the year so I'm struggling to reconcile their apparent sadness (having read their 'press release') at having to close Sunday afternooons with these other elements. 

On a brighter note, I enjoyed a couple of very enjoyable beers at the Mühlenbräu Keller yesterday. Excellent beer and a lovely keller. Thoroughly recommended. 
         Spezial Keller opening times by barry on  2018-05-07 07:28:01
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