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Bock Bier
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2018-04-01 07:46:35
Bocks have more than 16% original wort and until 18% original wort.
Doppelbocks have more than 18% original wort.

All together are called Starkbiere (stong beers).

Colloquial and legal You can use the word Bock for Bock beers and Doppelbock beers.
You talk about the Bockbieranstich of the Fässla Bambergator. Nobody talk about a Doppelbockbieranstich. And if You order a bock you will get the Doppelbock Bambergator.

An example of an incoherent use of these names is the Huppendorfer-Josefibock. It's a Doppelbock, but labeled Bock. But It is legal to sell a Doppelbock under the name Bock.

One problem is that no law exists to publish the original wort on the label. This information is not a required entry. Some breweries hesitate to publish the original wort because some silly customers confused with the alcohol content. And they don't want to cram their labels with not required entries.

Under the stroke it is a lifted discussion.
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