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Posted by Euromannn on 2018-03-31 17:49:22

" Bocks have more than 16° Plato
- Doppelbocks havwe more than 18° Plato."

Plato is just an alternative method to calculate alcohol percentage.  Brewers prefer Plato but the packaing shows ABV.

Czech beer Plato 10°= 3.97%; Plato 12°= 5.07%

Plato of 16° is 7.3% ABV 
Plato of 
18° is 8.45% ABV

Spaten Optimator which is 7.5% ABV =  Plato of 

Spaten Optimator is a Doppleboch beer and has a Plato grater than 16°.

So defintion of boch beer still seems confusing.

       Bock Bier by Euromann on  2018-03-31 18:57:50
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