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Mahrs Brau Facebook Video: Wiezenbock Anstich
Posted by Jason on 2018-03-08 03:37:12
Reblitz's weizen is excellent, I can't comment on the other grain varieties. 

Remember that Weizen uses a % of wheat, usually 40-60%, the rest is barley in order to provide the enzymes for fermentation as wheat is does not lend itself to sugar conversion. The cleaning is one factor (irrespective which style it has to be done) but as you use an ale yeast it alters the process. Wheat is also very turbid so requires more hands on attention to ensure the mash doesn't clog up. It needs to be warm fermented as well which would mean some alterations I guess. The temperature of fermentation affects whether you get more banana flavour (c.72 degrees or above) or clove flavour (below c.72 degrees).    

At the end of the day it's a speciality. 
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