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Mahr's U brewed in UK?
Posted by barry on 2018-02-13 05:47:50
Yes, he doesn't call his beers Hofmeister or any of the other ersatz German names but, I think that the uninformed would get the impression that s/he is drinking something German - but I suppose that's the idea.  Actually, it's not a lot different from calling a beer IPA when it bears no relation to IPA.  If you read this Forum regularly, I won't have to tell you about my views on so-called Zoigl!

I haven't drunk a lot of Geipel beer - I don't like Weizen, so they're out; I did try to Zoiglator and the Zoigl about a year ago and they were nothing like any of many different ypes of Zoigl that I've had (I reckon by now, I've had just about all the Echte Zoigl beers).  Other than that and that I didn't particularly like them, I can't remember anything about them.  Quite a few places around North Wales sell them, so I suppose they must have found a market.
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