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Mahr’s U is basically Bass, isn’t it?
Posted by TomM on 2018-01-28 14:01:20
Yes, I guess I can understand the nostalgia for these beers. It's just when the brewery has been closed for years and years and the beer changed beyond recognition that I don't understand the loyalty. Why not support actual breweries that exist rather than dying brands being milked by large corporations?

As far as recent breweries brands being remembered in 50 years all I can say is that probably some will and some won't. Some of the UK micros that started in the 70's and 80's are still around and rather popular. Think Crouch Vale, Nethergate, and Ringwood (now owned by Marston's but still brewed in Ringwood). One of the pubs in my village stocks Butcombe Bitter (1978). There are now quite a few breweries that started as micros and are now just as big or bigger than many of the old family firms.

I like both Bathams and Harveys, but even if I lived in the Black Country or the South Downs I wouldn't only drink those beers to the exclusion of newer ones.

Anyway, to each his own.
                 Mahr’s U is basically Bass, isn’t it? by barry on  2018-01-29 09:44:14
                   Mahr’s U is basically Bass, isn’t it? by Jason  on  2018-01-29 10:40:38
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